I Trained Like a Fitness Influencer for 120 Days: Week 1

I’m a reasonably experienced fitness dabbler. I get a whiff of inspiration, and like a greyhound seeing a rabbit, I’m off. Dabbling implies a desire to participate, but I’m nowhere nearly dedicated to the craft as some celebs and fitness influencers out there might be. So, by the time month two rolls around, I’m back to dabbling in other worthy hobbies, like cooking that fave creamy gnocchi dish.

Something about the self-isolation lit a new fire under my semi-firm glutes. The world is in mayhem, and I need to whittle myself into the best shape of my life. I recognize this is my anxiety begging me to take control of my life because everything else is spinning off in a black hole of social distancing.

Luckily, fitness influencers, companies, and instructors can smell our fear, so many opted to release classes and apps for free, if only because we’ll get hooked enough to pay them, eventually. I don’t have a gym membership, so I’m open to the idea. I already use SWEAT to do my workouts by Kelsey Wells, so what’s another five?

I decided to give my typical strength-based workouts a try by supplementing the SWEAT program with Fit Body with Anna Victoria. The app is user friendly; it comes with meal plans, and I can choose between tone, sculpt, or shred programs. I’m already sculpting and toning with my strength workouts, so I opted for shred.

And then something insane happened. I got an email that the Anna Victoria team put together a challenge starting April 6th. The first place for transformation photos after three months of hard work earns you $1,000. My husband and brother laughed, believing me gullible for falling for a “marketing trick.” But, see, I didn’t care, because I want to be fit, toned, healthy and have an extra $1,000 in the bank. Challenge accepted.

Week 1

I feel like I have a leg up because I already developed a workout-at-home routine. I’ll force myself to exercise if I need to, and I recognize diet is my biggest challenge during these 12 weeks. I wish I could say I totally nailed week 1, but I’m so far from what I should eat, my delusion about my food diary doesn’t extend that length.

Things started all right. I had my eggs, my beefless ground tacos, a protein shake, and plenty of hiking through the Catskills as my LISS. Then, little things sneaked in, primarily in the evenings. Some crinkle cut potato chips, an almond snickers after a hike, some hot dogs and a beer. The floodgates were open.

I finished exercising just fine, but my diet needs a major overhaul!

The equipment I’m using:

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Nataliya Ogle


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