Launched in 2012, Style Tomes’ life tips slowly morphed into a steady flow of fashion news, fitness inspiration, original photography editorials, and beauty tips.

My Fashion Background

I started in the fashion industry when I was 17, as a model, so I’ve lived through various stages of fashion. Being a model makes you hustle a little bit harder, especially if you’re going to general casting calls. I got lucky enough to have an amazing agent in my early years who introduced me to talent which imparted the knowledge I’ve carried with me until now.

I learned how photoshoots work, what the behind the scenes looks like and everything about the industry as it relates to putting out amazing published content! Before long, I was working in a fashion production office and I was part of a new PR company. I did test shoots with up and coming models and did some styling. I did it all and I loved it all.

As my fashion break, I moved into IT and started learning all about the technical aspects of running a website. All my life skills helped me get to the point where I was suddenly running my own fashion blog and helping girls around me with their blogs!

I started Style Tomes as a personal outlet for self-expression. I struggled with body image issues for over a decade, so it’s important to inspire my readers to love them for being themselves. Self-acceptance and confidence are very difficult to nourish, but I’m a proven case that with the right mindset, women (and men) can grow and flourish no matter the circumstance or what the culture dictates as “perfection”. There are enough opinions and criticisms to derail our self-actualization journey without me adding to the mix. I’m hoping to inspire independence- style is developed by being unique and by not being afraid to experiment!

Brand Work

Work With Us

Editorial inquiries

We Offer

Editorials: We’re skilled in writing for the beauty and fashion space, so if you have a brand that fits our content style, we’d love to write content for you! We’re open to potential cross-posting opportunities, including guest posts.

Ads: We offer various spaces on the property. Please contact our advertising manager for banner and page takeover requests.

Sponsored Posting: We’ll work with you to create engaging creative content sponsored by your brand! We love providing our readers with value, so if your brand can add to the discussion, we’d love to talk!

Original Photography: Nataliya frequently shoots with her mirrorless Sony camera and numerous lenses on location as well as from a home studio. You can see all her original photography on the brand’s Instagram page. If you have products that you’d like photographed in her style and shared with the readers, contact us!

Product Reviews: If you have a product you think will fit with Style Tomes, we are accepting submissions for reviews. All reviews are honest and receive scaled ratings. You can see examples here.

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