How to Look Like a Million Bucks Without Spending Your Entire Paycheck

There’s a difference between looking expensive and wearing expensive things. It’s not about money. The habit of self-care lends a hand in pulling your entire life together. It’s also absolutely necessary to draw the line at too much, whether it’s makeup or labels.

Looking expensive is all about simplifying at the core. It’s becoming as natural as possible and doing damage control rather than damaging acts to look better.

So what’s an indicator of lack of care and what makes you look like a million bucks.

Hair That Makes You Look Like a Celebrity

1. Make it healthy

Focus on maintaining the integrity of your hair as your first. Healthy hair means glossy hair with bounce, manageability, and smoothness. If you’re a curl queen, maintain them with proper products to enhance their definition and eliminate additional frizz. Avoid frizzy, unkempt, dry hair with no shine.

2. Style it right

If you have straight or wavy hair, focus on giving it the silky quality that looks effortless. Easy waves or loose curls with plenty of body on the bottom remain timeless. Don’t tease your hair into a rat’s nest, attempting to give it body which looks dated. Also, avoid choppy layers. Keep things as close to natural as possible for your hair type with just a bit of maintenance.

3. Tell-tale signs of beautiful hair

Look at your hair in the mirror. Does it look touchable and easy to handle? If someone were to run their hand through it, would it get trapped in a layer of products? Using too many products until your hair looks still or greasy and hard detracts from its overall appearance, so use the minimum possible to achieve your style.

4. Focus on color

Multi-dimensional hair color with well-blended highlights and nice low-lights look natural and always in style. They emulate how your hair would appear if you were to spend a season in the sun, with certain strands lightening on top. Avoid streaky, chunky highlights which don’t blend into your natural shade and into lowlights.

Your color should have a nice glossy finish to it, with the shade grounded in your natural color. Unnatural color with obvious roots and platinum blonde that looks damaged and fake will be cute for a trendy minute before dragging your overall appearance down.

Skin and Face That Radiate

5. Frame the face

Aside from your skin, which should always remain well-maintained, your eyebrows are the next to shape your overall appearance. Well-groomed brows that are well-shaped and accentuate eyes provide balance to all other features. Over-plucked and sparse brows, drawn on brows, and brows that are too far from natural hair color all detract from accentuating your eyes.

6. Don’t forget the teeth

Contrary to popular belief, chiclet teeth that blind you like headlights aren’t ideal. Your teeth should be well maintained, pearly white, but not so unnatural that people wonder who glued them into your mouth. Obviously, unmaintained, stained and brown teeth are the other extreme. Dental hygiene doesn’t only do wonders for your appearance, but also your health!

7. Maintain your nails

You don’t need to be a regular at the nail salon, but shiny, well polished, and well-shaped, natural-looking nails maintain your overall look. When opting for a manicure, opt for a classic shade with high gloss, which always looks great. And while we love to experiment with nails, if you’re simply looking for ‘expensive’ then avoid very long, artificial-looking nails unless you’re a pop star. In the same vein, fix chipped polish and take care of your cuticles!

8. Hydrate!

From your face to your hair and down to your toes, keep your body supple and hydrated. A great moisturizer evens out the skin tone and keeps your entire body glowing. Focus on rough areas like elbows and knees to eliminate any ashiness.

9. Aid the glow

A healthy diet and plenty of exercise help you glow from within, but you can give things a boost with a gradual self-tan moisturizer. Don’t load your body up with glittery lotions when going out- keep things subtle with a sheen-like product. Avoid an obvious fake tan that’s too dark, orange or patchy. Staying as natural as possible with just a hint of help is all you need.

10. Match your makeup

While most makeup is a game of trial and error, your foundation should be a precise match! Foundation should be well blended and match the skin tone. Ensure no obvious demarcation lines in skin from makeup. Apply your makeup carefully and blend very well for a seamless finish.

11. Lengthen and curl

While spider lashes might look dramatic, they aren’t attractive. Long, curled, dark and clump-free lashes emulate youthful, open eyes. Find a formula that works with your lash type, and don’t forget the lash curler!

Looking like money doesn't mean you have to spend your entire paycheck. You also don't need a sugar daddy. It comes down to enhancing your natural beauty in subtle ways.

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