Leave it to London Fashion Week to Deliver Edgy Looks and These Cool Spring 2017 Trends

Every season I keep saying I belong in London. Judging by the London Spring 2017 trends we saw runways, I think I’m right. It’s edgy and youthful and just plain cool. The experimental nature of the designs and the pushing of boundaries with the trends resonates with me.

That said, several of the trends have overlapped with the other cities, indicating a global shift toward lace up clothing and plenty of sheer fabrics. I’m not complaining, I’m all about some pretty sheer ruffles!

London Spring 2017 Trends

1. Neutral tones/khaki: Can we thank Yeezy for this one? No? Ok. Plan on having more khaki in your closet if you don’t already. I think most people now have something in a khaki neutral tone thanks to Kim K.

2. Exaggerated sleeves: It’s not just about the length anymore. They’re big and fierce and they have a ton of embellishments this upcoming spring! Obviously, this is a huge trend already. You can find many items in stores checking off the exaggerated sleeve box.

3. Varied hemlines: Mix things up a bit and layer on a few hems that will be a bit more jagged on the bottom.

4. Floral prints- the smaller the better: You know the drill. We saw this at NYFW too. Keep in mind, this is one of the Fall 2016 trends too, so you can start shopping this trend now!

5. The ‘80s continue: I never thought we’d ever turn to the ’80s for our fashion cues, but it’s somehow happening. Stylishly.

6. Mix-match prints on top of one another: The more the better! Mix up the size and colors and experiment a la Ashish. This is another Fall 2016 trend follow-through. Keep an eye out in stores for pretty prints you can mix!

7. Stripes: Lots of them. Black and white alongside multicolor sequined ones stand out the most.

Nataliya Ogle


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