132 Most Inspiring Looks from Resort 2018 Runway Collections

Oh look, the endless fashion cycle is upon us again with some resort 2018 collections to check out. Because, honestly, we never come out of the fashion cycle. The only reason you haven’t been hearing about anything is that until recently it was the men’s turn.

Now that the men are now, mostly, finished strutting their stuff, it’s back to us women. Resort 2018 is the current thing, with the couture collection leading in soon after in July.

I spoke to you about resort before and explained what it is briefly, but let’s go over this stuff again. Most fashion bloggers and casual fashionistas don’t bat an eye at it, save for the few key shows that somehow build a runway on the moon and invite the likes of Queen Chiara and Olivia.

Resort vs. Pre-Spring vs. Cruise

If you’ve been reading about Cruise 2018 collections and then suddenly about Resort 2018, with some Pre-Spring in the mix, you’re not as confused as you think you are. All these terms describe the same thing: the hottest sales time for brands. The terms are all interchangeable and describe the clothes coming out in the press right now, which will be coming to stores shortly after fall clothes go on sale but a bit before spring items hit the shelves.

Traditionally, these pieces are meant for the financially blessed who vacation during the winter months. Obviously, they must need some multi-colored kaftans and intricately cut bathing suits to survive the St. Tropez sun. Yacht life.

Point is, they used to be a selection of frocks for the vacationers specifically. At this point, most brands release some sort of a variation on transitional wear or a summery, vacation look.

Do we need these collections?

No, probably not. As consumers, we can probably gloss over some of these without feeling like we’re in dire need of another summer dress in the middle of February. The additional collection places an immense pressure on young designers to produce clothes non-stop. While these pieces may not be as show-worthy as typical runway frocks, they’re nothing to scoff at.

But, for retailers, this collection is gold. They can stock fresh wares in between seasons so buyers get the shiny, new thing syndrome when they walk in. I’m getting starry-eyed over some of these looks already.

(All trend-related images via Vogue.com)

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