How To Make Money As A Blogger

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I originally started my blog because I thought it’d be a fun way to try new products and see new things before they hit the market. I didn’t really consider earning money with my blog as a possibility. As I started to grow, I noticed more people asked me how I make money as a blogger.

My first response was always ads. I mean, at the end of the day, it’s true. Ads are the surefire way to earn passive income. These aren’t necessarily just banners. They come in the form of affiliate links and brand partnerships.

I’ll outline a few ways you can earn money as a blogger, many of which I’ve tried myself.

How to Make Money as a Blogger

Banner Ads with Ad Networks

My first experience with making money on the blog was with banner ads via Google Adsense. A lot of people say it’s really not worth it if you don’t have a ridiculously large traffic base, and it may be true some days, but I’ve always seen consistent earnings from them.

If you’re publishing great content and you’re a “clean” blog, Adsense does a great job of retargeting ads for your readers. They display relevant content that readers actually want, so they’re more likely to follow through on a click.

This steady trickle allows me to cover basic expenses of running a website, like paying for monthly hosting and for maintenance. It’s not something I’m making bank on, but it helps when you’re running a business with expenses. And we all know, these expenses need to be covered somehow in order for us to keep producing great content.

That said, you can also sell ad space to brands interested in displaying on your blog. Check the current rates per view and adjust your rate accordingly. I typically offer rates on a bi-weekly and monthly display basis.

Ad Networks: Google Adsense, Taboola, Outbrain

Affiliate Links

Most fashion bloggers use affiliate links in their posts. Affiliate links basically allow you to earn a percentage of a sale from a company. So, if you’re talking about specific brands often, it makes sense to put in an affiliate link and have a stab at earning money from any sales.

One of the most prominent affiliate networks for fashion bloggers is RewardStyle. You don’t earn money on the clicks from them, but you do earn money from sales. ShopStyleCollective is more like a banner ad since they pay per click (CPC basis). RewardStyle is more like a traditional affiliate network since they pay cost per sale (CPS).

You’ll typically have to go through an approval process for an affiliate network. Certain networks have individual brands controlling whether they approve you to work with them or not. A lot of companies not in a network still have an affiliate program, if you just ask.

Some popular affiliate networks: ShopStyleCollective, rewardStyle, CommissionJunction, Amazon, Share-A-Sale

Brand Partnerships

This one’s tough sometimes. Ideally, your brand partnership would actually be a mutually beneficial long term relationship. For the most part, if you’re in the fashion niche at least, brands are prone to suggest a relationship based on gifting. I’ve said this before, physical gifts don’t pay bills (unless maybe they’re in the form of a giant diamond ring).

However, there are many brands that are willing t compensate fair work. I believe everyone should be paid fairly. Typically, a lot of these are simple to-do’s like an Instagram post or a few snaps. This also means that these relationships aren’t always long term and become one-offs (aka, small cash deals).

Many of these partnerships can be formed by reaching out to brands and offering them a pitch. I have several templates in the resource library if you need prompts.

You can also reach out via brand-influencer platforms. Typically, you can give them a little pitch there along with your price. Or, they may reach out to you.

Some Brand-Influencer platforms: Revfluence, Tapfluence, Fohr Card


Product creation is a great way to earn income! A lot of bloggers swear by this method. Product creation can be an eBook, course or something more involved like a shoe line (ahem, Chiara Ferragni’s shoe line).

Consider various products you can offer. I have a resource post that can make a lot of them happen here. Teachable is great for online course development. You can host a webinar in your area of expertise. You can also offer services like consulting or photography.

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