Paris Fashion Week: Fall 2017 Fashion Trends & Top Looks

Are we done yet? Ok, I think we are. Although, as a recent NY Times article pointed out, there’s always a fashion week somewhere! That’s so exhausting to even think about! Lucky for us, the big four (think of it like the Big Five of the safari world) provide the gist of all the fall 2017 fashion trends.

Paris has been a longtime fave of fashionistas around the globe, but it’s as of recent that it really started growing on me as a fashion week. I’ll never break up with New York. I’m a New Yorker at heart. But, like the city itself, New York fashion week is f**king exhausting. If you’re not a type of person who’s prone to panic attacks, New York fashion week just might pop your anxiety cherry. 

I’m still patiently awaiting for the era when we all put on our virtual reality headsets to view the shows our  and skip the hype-y mess. How freaking amazing would it be for the designers to just put on these virtual shows, accessible to everyone, with built-in capability to see all detail and pre-order looks or place editorial bookings on the clothes immediately? Then, the fashion week itself can just be a collection of celebratory after-parties or something. Complete with confetti and glitter and junk. And of course, the street style photographers because I think that’s what everyone here live for, right?

Anyway, wishful thinking.

The Fall 2017 Fashion Trends from PFW

1. Head to toe leather: whether you choose the real thing or faux, the intent is to have an edgy sheen.

2. Plaids: whether you like your checks wide or small, plaid mixing is perfectly acceptable in the fall 2017 trend world.

3. Suit up: classically tailored suits come with exaggerated twists. Either way, the smoking suit is in.

4. Slouchy boots: We all got obsessed with over-the-knee boots last season, so designers pushed it further by making things super ‘80s and delivering the slouchy tall boot.

5. Tinfoil: Well, not quite. It’s more abut having shimmery, silver hues. Metallic tones are still the fun thing to do.

6. Still seeing red: It’s redlined across the board. Red is the official color of fall 2017.

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