DIY Crystal Embellished Shoes: Miu Miu Inspired Stunners for Less Than $25!

These shoes were inspired by the Miu Miu stunners seen on the runways a few seasons ago. It’s more fun to decorate with a multi-colored and multi-sized selection of gems. I could only find these crystal flat back pieces at Michael’s. I’m sure if I were willing to wait and order online I would be able to get a different, more exciting selection that doesn’t look as ‘neat’. It’s just a slightly different look, but obviously you can use any sort of embellishments to spruce up your shoes.

For the shoes, I use a simple suede pair I found in a thrift store for $10.
The gem bag cost $14 in NYC Michael’s store. I got regular multi-purpose multi-surface clear tacky glue with a thin nozzle that I could squeeze out unto the back of the gems and attach directly to the heel and the platform.

I didn’t have any design in mind, just started to lay out and attach as I went along with 4 different sized gems. Start in the middle and fan out as you go along since it’ll help keep things centered and consistent. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Use a cheap pair of shoes and some cheap gemstones for your first pair to practice, then once you get the hang of it, you can use vintage flat back rhinestones and funkier shoes.

This makes a PERFECT holiday gift since it’s a great mix of store-bought and hand-made. More importantly though, these dazzlers will stand out at any New Year’s Eve party!

Nataliya Ogle


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