I Tried DIY Brow Lamination & Was Pleasantly Surprised

DIY brow lamination tips

If eyes are the window to the soul, our brows are the elegant framing. While we might overlook them, they will undoubtedly create a better view if they’re correctly cared for. It’s no wonder micro-blading, shading, and brow lamination continue thriving as more people look to complement their overall makeup and shape their faces.

Between Coronavirus, a backlog of work, and high costs of beauty treatments, I embarked on a DIY lamination journey with uncertain results. I recently came across a video by CC Clarke Beauty, where she uses a lash lift kit to laminate her brows. I had a lash lift kit. I had brows. Can I do this too?

Brow lamination is a perm for your eyebrows. The perm solution breaks down and makes your hairs “flexible,” and then the fixing solution sets them in place. Easy enough, am I right? Somewhat.

My normal brows

I started by showering first, not only to cleanse my face but also to give myself a chance to think about whether this was a good idea. Sure enough, I still wanted to go through with it after toweling off and getting dressed.

I took a clean spoolie, grabbed a few pieces of plastic wrap, my spa head wrap, and a few small brushes. I first applied the lash glue on my brows. This isn’t the time for less is more. I ended up doing two coats to really get my brows in place. I then took one small brush and saturated the brows with the perm solution. After brushing them up once more, I placed the plastic wrap over my eyebrows and set the timer for 10 minutes.

So far, so good.

After my 10 minutes were up, it was time for the fixer. I grabbed another clean brush and applied a layer of fixing solution before placing a fresh plastic wrap over my brows again. I put the spa wrap over the eyebrows to hold the plastic in place and set the times for another 10 minutes.

After cleaning and nourishing with oil, I was thoroughly disappointed that my brows didn’t look glossy and perfect like all those examples. It turns out, a DIY route is less than perfect. However, my brows still looked fluffy, big, and more vertical than before. My husband commented on how good they looked! Considering it took me 30 minutes at home for less than $18 for the kit, it really wasn’t bad.

I’ll be trying the process again to see if I can perfect it, but for now, the cost of going to the salon might be worth it.

Brows immediately after a DIY lamination
Nataliya Ogle


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