The Quickest Facial: Hydrafacial Review

I’m no stranger to traditional facials, but several days ago I decided to opt for a cosmetic office facial at the Upper East Side Park Avenue location of Revitta Skin Care Clinic in NYC. Specifically, I decided to try out the Hydrafacial, a non-invasive, gentle procedure that promises more radiant, clear skin immediately post-treatment. Of course, I went in with the intention to post a Hydrafacial review immediately after!

I’ve never had a microdermabrasion before, but the aesthetician compared it to a much gentler microdermabrasion. Also, unlike my previous experiences with facials, this one only took a total 20 minutes! If you’re anything like me and like to conserve as much time as possible getting practical things done (yes, I consider skincare a practical thing, not just a pampering experience), this procedure is perfect for you.

I got a valuable chance to observe the procedure as well as getting it done myself, giving me two sides of the story:

1. Cleansing and Exfoliation: A gentle abrasive tip is rolled over the skin surface to remove dead skin cells and debris painlessly and without irritation. The fluid softens the pores and loosens debris.

2. Acid Peel: An acid peel is applied to further dislodge debris and slough off dead skin cells. Unlike many glycolic peels, this only leaves the skin slightly tingly without any burning sensation. Once again, the gentle suction tip is run over the skin after the application.

3. Extraction: I LOVED this part! Maybe because I’m such a neat freak and the tip felt like a little vacuum hose sucking up all the dirt, sebum, and debris. The tip creates a small vortex that claims to dislodge the impurities gently and effectively. At the end of it all, you can see all the stuff it sucked up at the end of the nozzle- another satisfying feature.

4. Hydration: The vortex tool is one again used to this time infuse a vitamin and collagen-rich formula deep into the skin layers.

5. Protection: The technician applies a sealing layer of hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture and protect the opened pores.

After the procedure, my pores looked more dilated than usual, but my skin had a subtle glow without any redness! The blackheads weren’t completely cleared up, and I didn’t notice a lot of difference in their appearance, but my skin felt incredibly smooth.

Later in the day I received remarks about how glowing my skin looked. Next day, the pores closed up substantially while retaining the glow from the previous day.

Overall, it’s a great procedure for maintenance of skin and superb exfoliation. If you need to clear up blackheads, I would combine the procedure with another extraction method, or opt for the Hydrafacial more often.

Nataliya Ogle


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