Upstate NY, Westeros and a NYC Blogging Network

I went up to Ithaca this week for a few days due to an entrepreneurship conference in Cornell. Somehow, every time I wind up there, it’s always chilly and windy. This week was no exception, although I heard a few people talk about the warmer days ahead. Who knows if they will happen in The Land Of Always Winter (TM?).

Either way, I got an opportunity to visit the A.D. White Library within Uris, and walk around the campus taking a few photos. If you ever find yourself beyond the Westeros North Wall (I’m sticking to my Game of Thrones references whether you like it or not), I’d highly recommend spending some time in the library.


On another note, I’ve been keeping busy with an event for NYC Style Collective coming up this Sunday, April 17th. A large group of fashion and beauty bloggers/Instagrammers will be mingling and networking in midtown NYC, learning more about the network. The network started with only a few people, and I remember when we were small enough to just meet for a last minute brunch. At this point, we have 30 confirmed guests coming on Sunday. It could’ve been more like 50, but the room we have is already beyond capacity, so I had to draw the hard line in the sand. Pretty exciting! I’ll be posting about it once the event is over. In the meantime, if you’re in the tri-state area and want to learn more about the network:



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