So, A Fashion Blogger Walks Into A Rooftop Party…

Yesterday was the first event NYC Style Collective ever put together. That’s a big deal! It might not seem like much, but planning the event has been about as stressful as planning my own wedding. Not only that, the party was bigger than my wedding! Crazy, I know. Liz (, Cindy ( and I spent many days doling over the details and making sure all goes well. Thanks to their efforts, and thanks to my husband’s help with the details on the day of (shoutout to Josh @therealjoshogle), the group had an amazing time.

Fabulously enough, several amazing companies pulled their resources together to provide all our influencers with a top notch experience. Nature Box, Grady’s Cold Brew, Kesh Beauty Argan Oil from Ecohabitude, & Wool and The Gang all provided amazing food, drinks and goodies for giveaways. Everyone walked away full, happy and with a newly formed glow from hanging out in the sun.

If you are based in NYC, send me an e-mail and I’d love to provide you with more info about the network!

The Party Goodies:


  • Wool and The Gang is an eco-friendly DIY knitting company looking to teach you how to knit some super edgy accessories! I tried out their Tender Loving Clutch with no prior knitting experience whatsoever. I literally made it in one evening. And now I know how to knit! I’m beyond excited about it. All the girls were super impressed that I made the bag the day before the event, and two of the girls walked away with their own kits to make a necklace!

DSC05850 wool-and-the-gang-kit

  • The cute popcorn holders were originally for, well, popcorn. Turns out the bags of snacks from Nature Box fit perfectly inside the cute holders and made an appearance as not only party props but were keenly devoured as soon as they were poured into the cute holders. Nature Box, if you’re listening, include some cute, reusable, snack holders with your boxes! It was a dream revelation and all the girls flocked to the table of snacks. Over half the party walked away with a Nature Box of their own, containing a variety of five snack packs!


  • While Grady’s Cold Brew says it needs to be diluted on the bottle, fashion bloggers are intense coffee lovers who pay no attention to the rules. Straight up shots of Cold Brew were happening for a number of girls who undoubtedly bounced off the walls later that evening.


  • I’m a huge oils lover. If you know me, I’m all about using natural oils on my skin and hair to keep things healthy and glowing. EcoHabitude kindly provided a selection of beauty oils from Kesh Beauty Argan Oils for the beauty obsessed bunch!


The Party Vibes:

Lloyd Crosdale (coolest name ever, by the way, totally belongs in comic books) captured the vibes with a superb video featuring all the girls! A little preview of it is below courtesy of his IG feed, but I’ll be posting the bigger version as soon as it’s done! 🙂


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