Working Remotely: My Hectic April Travel Month + Travel Diary Video!!

Working Remotely in San Francisco - A Travel Diary

I recently saw the Amelie Broadway musical, and although it’s not yet perfect (it’s in the preview stage) it featured one of my favorite parts: the raunchy, traveling garden gnome.

amelie traveling gnome movie still
Here’s the raunchy Amelie gnome in my hood.

Why does that resonate with me so much? Because I’m a raunchy, traveling fashion blogger at the moment. Giiiiirl (or booooyyyyy), I can’t tell you how lucky I feel to be able to travel and work from wherever I want!

I jumped the gun last month and told you I was swimming off to Japan, but a few personal issues came up that prevented me from taking the initial plunge. That trip got rescheduled to this month (yay, flexibility!) in addition to two other destinations: Portland and San Francisco.

So, ta-da! Hi-ho from San Francis-co!

I’ve been here before, many times. You may or may not recall me writing about the Launch conference and how many innovative companies rub elbows in this start-up space every year. I’m back at Launch this year (primarily due to my husband, who is in the start-up space) exploring the fun new products and apps out on the market!

I’m a fiend when it comes to finding new companies that will influence the mass market in a matter of a few months. Some will fail. BUT, they will lay a foundation for a new wave of innovation and a new way of doing things. How freaking cool is that??

When Stars Work Remotely & Try Out the Influencer Role

Speaking of innovation, did anyone see that lawsuit against JLo in regards to her posting promotions for hoverboards? Not that a lawsuit is innovative, but the hoverboards were! So anyway, it turns out she agreed to post about the hoverboard company once every three months in exchange for 42 customized hoverboards (LOL). She barely posted once (and without the #ad..”SHAME, SHAME, reallySHAME”).

The hoverboard company obviously wasn’t having any of that, know, products cost. I feel like if the company gave her one hoverboard, they’d probably let this mishap fly, but 42 custom hoverboards is a different price point. In short, they want their money back. All $54,390. The chick isn’t hurting for cash, so that problem is luckily solved, but it teaches us all an important point in business: follow the F through on your contracts, ladies.

Am I actually working?

Working remotely might be a bit of a misnomer. I’m not traveling for or with work, and I’m not entirely working the entire month of April remotely. I’m traveling around a lot this month, and I’m bringing along my handy-dandy camera, which means that I’m snapping away with the blog and creative content in mind, in addition to scheduling some last minute posts as I go.

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I used to be awful with working on planes. I took the opportunity to catch up on movies and on reading. But as of a few flights ago, you’ll be proud to know I joined the working mile high club. It means that as soon as I’m physically able to pull out my laptop, it’s open and I’m ready to start on business. I’ve gotten a ton of work done this way!

If you haven’t gotten used to it yet and you travel often, I suggest you ease in slowly on your next flight. It helps if you have a Wi-Fi subscription, though you can get plenty of work done if you prep with off-line projects.

And if you’re not traveling anytime soon, might I suggest stopping by NYC around October this year? Ai Wei Wei is doing an awesome installation around NYC called “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors” – obviously inspired by the political climate here in America, cough cough, ahem ahem. The project looks intense and like the perfect spot to test out some crazy photography angles! Check out the rendition, and I hope to see you in NYC soon. Shoot me a note if you’re ever coming here. I love meeting up for a coffee, or an Irish coffee, ya know?

Say Hello To My Videos

I decided to take the plunge and start publishing more videos! I’m always so behind the scenes, and this is a little bit of a scary area for me. Like…it’s weird talking to a cam in the middle of the street. People look at you funny and all. BUT, I got used to it surprisingly fast, so I’m hoping I can bust out a lot more of these over the next few weeks while I travel! Let me know your thoughts and what you like hearing about in videos usually. I can legit pull together topics out of the blue even if they’re situationally unrelated.

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