The 10-Minute Video That Will SCULPT YOUR ABS

10 minute ab workout to sculpt abs style tomes

Abs are primarily made in the kitchen, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect to build the muscle. A common misconception is that you should have a long workout fully focused on abs only. This 10-minute workout by Pamela Reif is all you need to sculpt out your abs as you shred the fat around the midriff with healthy meals. Add cardio to the days you’re doing this workout to make the sculpting go further and get a more whittled waist.

Concentrate on doing the moves in proper form instead of trying to do as many as possible. Do it a few times a week to build the muscle quickly before jumping into maintenance. Be realistic while you work on sculpting your body. While you might want abs in 30 days with unrealistic challenges, it takes about 20 to 26 months for someone with average body fat to sculpt the midriff they want with consistent work.

The name of the game is consistency. You might cry, but it will be worth it! A full breakdown of the video is below.

The ab sculpting routine:

Leg lift circles – 30 seconds
Reverse crunch variation – 30 seconds
Leg lift with criss-cross movement – 30 seconds
Cross-crunch with leg lift – 30 seconds
Russian twist – 30 seconds
Leg lift – 30 seconds
Flutter kicks – 30 seconds
Toe taps – 30 seconds
Reverse crunch variation – 30 seconds
Roll ins – 30 seconds
Bicycle crunch – 30 seconds
Side plank (pull left) – 30 seconds
Side plank (reach through left) – 30 seconds
Side plank (left) – 30 seconds
Side plank (pull right) – 30 seconds
Side plank (reach through right) – 30 seconds
Side plank (right) – 30 seconds
Plank – 30 seconds
Plank (back & forth) – 30 seconds
Cross-spider plank – 30 seconds

Photo by Jon Ly on Unsplash

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