London Fashion Week: Everything You Need to Know and Own From Day 3

While I love Topshop Unique dearly, this season’s collection just didn’t do it for me. Blame it on me growing up and becoming increasingly confident in my style choices. Or maybe it’s just this season. Topshop offered a hint of everything for everyone, seemingly as the selling point. Whether you’re more Bohemian in spirit or staunchly set in your urban lifestyle, Topshop had something for you. I wound up liking several coats, such as the opener and the gray fuzzy sleeve ensemble.
I love clothes that walk down the runway and require no alteration before hitting store shelves! Paul Smith check-marks the requirement big time. That sleek, plaid opening coat looked ready to sell then and there! I’d buy it. Hint, sell it now, Mr. Smith? Indeed, the strong menswear-inspired tailoring coupled with luxe fabrics makes the entire collection a win.
Vivienne Westwood is up to her old tricks: bringing a political message to her show. And I love her dearly for it! She was the first designer I “discovered” and fell in love with when I arrived from the Eastern Bloc. I think it’s because they made me feel like a modern day princess. Looking at them, I still get a great feeling of individuality and attitude. That being said, while I donned her stuff like it was nobody’s business when I was younger, these days I stick to pieces the dear ole’ queen of statements would wear herself. The dresses toward the end of the presentation captured my heart! And those multi-color velvet pieces, draped to perfection, define classic Westwood for me.
The movement on those flouncy gathered skirts at Mary Katrantzou kills me. I can just imagine people being mesmerized by it on the street. Favorites naturally included the wildly multi-textured coats and vests, because cool. Did you notice those wild necklaces?? If you can’t afford the jackets, the necklace is worth an investment.
The color blocking and movement with lines at Jonathan Saunders are spectacular. My favorite look has to be the closing one that Jessica Stam wore. Those multi-color turtlenecks though! They’re close contenders for the top prize from me.
While most of the Ethologie by Jasper Garvida looks were shorter than I like my hemline to be, I found fuzzy comfort in the knits and distinct outerwear. The patterns and details were too luscious to miss out on, and even a short hemline wouldn’t stop me from wearing the long sleeve turtleneck number with the feather bottom.
This season’s Preen by Thornton Bregazzi is one substantial collection! It had me at the opening look, which Molly Bair sold like there’s no tomorrow. Not even the ruffles could keep me away from it. A spectacular patched coat was another stunner while the blue flower dress proved that long hemlines + flowers does not = frumpy.
If you’re into super-oversize pieces, Gyo Yuni Kimchoe is for you. I like loose-fitting clothes, but I’m not sure I’d go as far as expanding myself twice my size for the sake of fashion. I did find a few coats that were endearing, one being a gray twill with gray fur lining coupled with gray pants.
Margaret Howell collection delivered plenty of everyday menswear-inspired outfits in shades of gray and black. The stunning rust colored ensemble, consisting of a simple pullover over a black turtleneck and a mid-calf skirt has “Fall” written all over it. The show made me fall in love with wide cuffed knee-length shorts that looked like suit pants rolled up. Paired with patent shoes and high socks, it’s a look I’m willing to sport at least once a week.
While the collection by Claire Barrow might be better suited for someone else, I did notice an excellent red trench with black embroidered sleeves!
David Koma knows what he’s doing: flirting with me. The exceedingly sultry looks (complete in a nude palette) are typically something I’d leave for another svelte soul, but this collection’s intricate details and impeccable charm makes sultry extremely desirable for me. The nude top paired with that intricately laced asymmetric skirt is perfect for a special occasion dinner. For a fancier night out, the blue sequin front slit skirt with the top fits the bill.
Issa dressed up the basics with some very wonderful monochromatic prints and plenty of fringe! The black and white fringe wrap sweater over a smaller print turtleneck was a highlight.
The presentation at Sophia Webster was BOMB! So mind-blowing. See Freak Like Me ball girl with those thigh high boots. Unfortunately, I would probably never wear said boots, but they’re still very admirable. What I would wear are some not-so-basic flats: velvet laced sequin boots, some “Boss Lady” loafers (because I am) and boots again in leopard print.
Matthew Williams likes his light-as-air flowing silhouettes, and I do too. My favorite pieces happened to be the silky svelte numbers paired with some fur chubbies (though I would skip that bit), sequin to silk changing texture piece and the high neck Seventies flair dress toward the end.
Oh my lord, that slouchy black turtleneck at Amanda Wakeley! And the languid yet structured black floor-length skirt! I’m also feeling the changing textures in the clothes, like the gray sweater. It’s a beautiful way to dress up on warmer days without having to layer to the point of a Princess and Pea story (me being the pea, naturally.)
I gravitate toward more reserved pieces, which is why Pringle of Scotland is my friend. The thing is, reserved doesn’t mean boring! I just don’t want to look like a dominatrix in 10 inch stilettos, with leather whips hanging from my leather bottoms, and a disco-ball hat to top it all off. Hypothetical situation that I’m sure has happened before. Back to Pringle. Those lightly shimmering black pieces look perfect for an evening out! The light coat with a beaded collar also looks amazing as an overcoat for a party outfit or as a piece to dress up winter-cas. And obvious choice for the closet: large herringbone knit nude vest.
Thanks to Temperley London, my entire fall and winter wardrobe is figured out for next year. The long shimmering jacquard skirt paired with a white blouse is a standout! The prints are noticeable but not obnoxious- aka, they don’t make you look like you belong in a club with all the other candy-ravers. I can even see myself wearing the silver wide-leg pant-suit on more than one occasion (because we all have pretty clothes we only wear once and then find they’re too fussy). Point is, I like dressing up without feeling over-encumbered or drawing stares because I look like Fuzzy Wuzzy. Temperley does it for me.
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