London Fashion Week FW15 Day 2 Spotlight: Gareth Pugh

Leave it to Pugh to present a phenomenal collection with the full impact of an art exhibition. The show started off with a video of a model chopping off all her hair (and looking even more beautiful might I add), then covering herself with red paint. Naturally, an overlay of raging flames finds its way in, because Joan of Arc. As for the clothes, it would be blasphemy to say they are anything but impeccable. Lengthy silhouettes clad in my favorite: all black.
Gareth Pugh // Photo: IndigitalImages
The capes and signature Pugh black hair piece outerwear were fantastic. A glimmering black cape of packed in plastic stole the spotlight for me, despite all the puffy comforter coats which I dearly love. In terms of what I would wear from the collection, you’ll be happy to know it’s pretty much everything (as confirmed by the photo album). I’m well aware this would be ultimate peacocking. Countless innocent bystanders might potentially lose their eye/life as I make my way past them. That’s a risk I’m willing to take.