How’d the Last Lincoln Center NYFW Season Close Out?

Art Hearts Fashion, founded in 2011 by Erik Rosete, closed out a fantastic season of NYFW at Lincoln Center. Since it’s the last time Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week will be holding a show at the landmark, I thought it appropriate to bring my brother to come along and experience the final moments. He’s the technologically savvy website &photo maintaining, troubleshooting Style Tomes counterpart. His impression? “I didn’t expect it to be like..a party.”

Accurately described, the Art Hearts Fashion presentation is more akin to a great party than an extremely frantic fashion show. This time the performances down the runway included an excellent MT Costello grand finale featuring an all nude model wearing a gold robe. “Is that guy naked?” asks Andrew. “Yes, dear brother, welcome to fashion,” says I.

Mister Triple X

The streetwear brand brought a bit of S&M oomph complete with leather and chain harnesses and the closing walk leather bunny masks. The silhouettes were sleek and straightforward, with emphasis on richer fabrics and statement jewelry (those chain necklaces!)

Walter Mendez

Walter Mendez sent a sleek lineup of fantastic evening-wear options, including a few looks that a bride could wear (with a slip!) The phenomenal draping on the jewel toned velvet numbers seemed Oscar red-carpet worthy. I could see myself wearing the fantastic sheer ball-gown bottom and turtleneck embellished top ensemble to a gala.

House of LiJon

Ok, this part is a bit mind-blowing: The pieces for House of LiJon are really intricately hand-assembled modern fashion chain-mail. Yes, that means those bronze and silver shorts are in fact art pieces you should save for a special occasion.

House of Byfield

House of Byfield offered up a great lineup of smart menswear, which obviously I’m keen on for a woman, but this was man menswear. I’m afraid my men’s fashion reporting is sub-par, but this is where having my brother was useful. He took a LOT of photos, meaning he particularly enjoyed the collection. Specifically, he said he identified with the first and second posted menswear looks below. In the meantime, I fell in love with the accessories.

Hallie Sara

Can I just say the muffs all made me think of Anastasia for some reason? Hallie Sara had an extremely appropriate lineup considering the weather outside was in the record lows in NYC. Those sleek silhouettes are stunning! I especially love the rich brown tones paired up with creamier counterparts.

Mimi Tran

I was lucky enough to see Mimi Tran’s collection at Art Hearts Fashion before she put on her show during London Fashion Week few days later. The embellishments on the gowns are spectacular! My eye wandered toward the simpler pieces, like the sequin embellished romper trimmed with silk cuffs.

MT Costello

The finale of the night, MT Costello, wrapped things up in a manner both energizing and memorable. The opening look consisted of a lacy little piece that upon closer inspection revealed itself to be a fabulous body-painting masterpiece. The looks progressed with a swamp theme, coming embellished with glimmering leaves and swaths of delicate moss green lace. In the midst of all the flowing chiffon, a naked male model walked down the runway, holding his man-bits tightly with the cape thrown over his shoulders. Definitely worked the crowd up. And so the show proceeded, with snake-skin shimmer and copious amounts of glamor.

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