Outfit Inspiration: The Warmth of December

This outfit inspiration post isn’t typical of December. How is this still real? NYC. December. Light coats optional. Granted, the photos below are from a few days ago while we were in North Carolina, but the weather patterns are pretty much similar.

All the confused weather changes finally caught up with me and I’m feeling a bit sick with a sore throat as of a few days ago. Just in time for Christmas!

I finally caught up on all my Christmas shopping as of a few days ago. I’m usually so much more organized, but the past few months have been exceptionally busy. I’m happy that this website is growing so quickly but that only means I need to learn how to manage my time better.

If it were up to me, I’d work on writing, photography, editing and interacting with you guys 14-15 hours a day. (I need some time to eat and sleep.) But I’m not living alone, and I don’t want to become a complete computer recluse..yet. I’ll give it a few years until our technology catches up and everyone can virtually hang out in my living room without leaving the house.

AG Skinny Raw-Hem Jeans  // Chanel Soft Elegance Medium Tote //adidas Stella McCartney Barricade 2015//Helmut Lang Tunic//Red faux fur pom bag accessory //St. John Collection Glazed Luxe Tweed Knit Soft Jacket W/ Knit Fringe Trim
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Nataliya Ogle


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