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A Recap of the Fall 2015 Fashion Ad Campaigns

[x_blockquote type=”left”] I don’t deal well with being told what to do, which is why I always rejected anything that had to do with an ad. Then I grew up and realized advertising is a necessary business and totally harmless if you’re able to stay true to yourself, your needs and your desires.[/x_blockquote]

Besides, at the end of the day, ALL fashion magazines and blogs are just forums for ads. Instagram is an ad. #ootd is an ad. Your supermarket’s specials are an ad. Doesn’t mean ads are paid placements, but they’re ads. The point is, ads aren’t that bad.

I don’t like them when they try to manipulate me psychologically, though. I also don’t like it when magazines or bloggers try to manipulate me psychologically with funky verbiage to get me to buy something. I’ll buy whatever I want to buy *stink eye*. Just kidding, I don’t do the stink eye very well.

If I happen to see it in an ad campaign (or a #ootd, or editorial, or TV show) and that’s how I find out about a specific item or piece of clothing, perfect! That’s why ads exist. Otherwise, how in the world would we know what’s out there? I don’t have the time to browse through thousands of racks. I say accept it, and have fun finding product placements in your latest TV show obsessions. (Hint: Frank Underwood is the master of product placements.) It’s my latest hobby. Almost as fun and frustrating as a friendly game of Monopoly with your too-serious-about-it uncle.

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Besides obvious entertainment value, I thoroughly enjoy the creativity and photography behind the ad campaigns. It takes a lot of skill mastering an ad tailored to appeal to a particular audience. Some of these fall 2015 fashion ad campaigns are a little tame for my tastes, but any of them can easily hold their ground in a gallery.

Fall 2015 Fashion Ad Campaigns Roundup

[robo-gallery id=”25154″]
Obviously, all images belong to respective brands. Posting them as inspiration and not as ad placements. Most acquired through FashionGoneRogue.


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