Top 36 Craziest, Most Unique Shoe Designs!

Craziest and most unique shoe designs might not be one and the same, but they provide an equal value of entertainment!

There are three basic categories of women: shoe obsessed, purse obsessed, beauty obsessed. I’ve always been shoe obsessed, which cornered me into choosing wildly impractical shoes that I would wear once and neatly store in my closet for posterity’s sake. I have a substantial collection of shoes that I don’t often wear but admire once every few weeks with joy. Still learning to walk in half of them actually. If it were up to me, my closet would consist of all the designs below. Unfortunately, I have a husband to answer to if our common closets in our small NYC apartment become clogged with shoes I never wear. So unfair.

I’m pretty sure Lady Gaga owns, at least, half of these. You can buy several of these in stores currently if you have a couple thousand dollars to spare. You can hashtag #treatyoself to justify the expenditure. Or you can just pay rent.

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