The Circle Instagram Profiles Reveal Their Real Life

The UK sensation The Circle is officially a US sensation after the Netflix premiere with wanna-be influencers use the internal social media platform to climb the ranks toward $100,000. And thankfully, in the process, we get to see what all of us are really like behind the screen when we send and receive messages anonymously on social media platforms of our own. And then, there’s the catfishing, and honey child, that’s a whole other show but it’s also here.

Because things are so jam-packed in the show and everything is about curating the perfect image for the contestants to win the grand prize, we peeked into the real profiles of the Instagram contestants to learn more about them.

1. Alana Duval

Age: 25
From: Brownsville, Texas

The girl wasn’t a big hit with the other Circle contestants much, but she mentioned the TV show made her out to be someone she’s not. She maintains her love for tacos and posts mostly her modeling photos. Judging by her enormous following and engagement, she knows how to navigate the social media space.

2. Antonio DePína

Age: 24
From: Bear, Delaware

Once a player, always a player? The pro basketball player was all about game strategy in The Circle, but his Instagram also shows his passion for seeing new destinations and travel.

3. Karyn Blanco

Age: 37
From: The Bronx, New York

While Karyn plays Mercedeze on The Circle, in real life she’s all about keeping it real with her amazing voice and love for music. Check out her singing clips!

4. Miranda Bissonnette

Age: 26
From: South Lake Tahoe, California

The girl got real with Joey shortly after arriving at The Circle apartment, revealing her rough childhood growing up in foster care. On Instagram, she’s a model and nature lover reminiscent of a flower child and hippie vibes.

5. Alex Lake

Age: 32
From: Los Angeles, California
We found NOTHING! So send us his profile if you know it.

6. Bill Cranley

Age: 27
From: Chicago, Illinois

7. Chris Sapphire

Age: 30
From: Dallas, Texas

8. Ed & Tammy Eason

Age: 23 & 52
From: Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

9. Joey Sasso

Age: 25
From: Rochester, New York

The lovable Jersey Shore stand-in is pretty much the same in The Circle and in his Instagram profile. It’s all about family, gym life and, oh, did we mention he likes to act and direct?

10. Samantha “Sammie” Cimarelli

Age: 24
From: Miami, Florida

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I love all of you, that’s all I have to say ❤️

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The girl is authenticity all the way, not afraid to say what’s really on her mind. Like in The Circle, she’s VERY adept at navigating her social media in real life too, curating to her top-performing posts and letting her authentic moments shine with little fluff getting in the way.

11. Seaburn Williams

Age: 29
From: Boston, Massachusetts

The man, who plays Rebecca (his RL girlfriend) is HILARIOUS as he gets in his alter-ego female role. Not only is he enjoyable to watch in The Circle, but he’s also a male model in real life!

12. Sean Taylor

Age: 25
From: New York City, New York
Does she have a personal IG? Drop a note if you know it.

13. Shubham Goel

Age: 23
From: Danville, California

He was adamant about hating all social media, but he’s putting it to use as genuinely as he can! Get ready fo goofy selfies and plenty of good, wholesome fun.

Addicted to seeing what happens next in The Circle? Learn more about the contestants behind the screen, with their real social media profiles you can see on your screen!

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