We Watched ALL Oscar Nominees & Here’s What You Should Watch

Oscar movies you need to watch

I will commit blasphemy here: I don’t watch the Oscars. But I catch up on the highlights after the awards and I like to see what was nominated for awards. I also have a very intense completionist habit where I like to complete everything on a list. Which led me to go through the Oscars nominees before the awards to make up my own mind as to what deserves a nomination and an award. I was pleasantly surprised that almost all the movies deserve their place on the list, but not all the movies will appeal to everyone.

Watch it. It’s worth it. The critics were wrong when they gave it low ratings and this is a lesson in using your own judgment. Joaquin Phoenix is brilliant as the Joker and totally deserves the Oscar nomination. It was the perfect balance of cinema and the classic DC formula.

Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood
Tarantino is a gifted genius who doesn’t disappoint. The acting is brilliant, and while sometimes you’re left wondering where the film is going, it’s worth it for the pseudo-historical Manson/Sharon Tate timeline and the wild ending. Definitely a good action-packed film for a pop-corn laden date night.

Marriage Story
Eh, look, it was fine. Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson make for a compelling acting duo, and this film got widespread praise and great ratings. It didn’t blow my mind in any capacity, but it was a well-made little slice of life film that infused some humor into a depressing situation.

The Irishman
This movie totally came out of the left field and hit everyone in the face with its 3 and a half hour marathon of brilliant storytelling. I didn’t think I’d like it, and boy was I surprised. It somehow kept everyone in my family entertained for the entire movie. The ending was a bit slow and could’ve possibly been shorter, but it definitely deserved the nominations it received!

The Two Popes
Another movie I didn’t think would interest me in the least bit but turned out to be surprisingly interesting. The transitional papacy from Pope Benedict to Pope Francis is tense, wise, and humorous. The two find common ground and enjoy a good relationship in the end. We get great glimpses of Pope Francis’s life and rise, including some very poignant moments in Argentina’s history. Recommend for when you want to learn something while being entertained.

Pure entertainment that will have you screaming at what happens next. This Korean film has an excellent storyline, humor, drama, and crime. What more can you ask for? Must watch!

Knives Out
Worth seeing, though it gets a little repetitive and long, especially toward mid-end. Still, an excellent cast and a classic whodunnit storyline serve up good entertainment.

Toy Story 4
I’m not a sadist, I would never tell you not to watch a Toy Story film. Although the movie still has its charm, it’s not as shiny as it was when it debuted with the first and second films. It lost a bit of luster, though it’s still a funny and worthwhile family movie night movie.

Little Women
Greta Gerwig delivers a super sweet interpretation of this classic novel, with an immensely talented cast at the helm! Yes, definitely see this film to get a cozy nostalgic reason to cuddle up with your family. If you have daughters, it’s a must. If you are a daughter, it’s a must. If you like reading and classics, it’s a must. If you have eyes and like good movies, it’s a must.

Not sure what's worth your time this awards season? We watched everything on the list and these are the Oscar-nominated movies worth your time.

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