8 Unexpected Ways to Sneak in More Exercise Daily

Whether you’re looking for ways to sneak in more exercise at work, at home or just existing overall, there are little things you can do to make your life a bit more active. You may not always have dedicated time to exercise at the gym or at home in the traditional sense.

The doctor-recommended 20 minutes of moderate activity a day has amazing health benefits. And while 20 minutes may not seem like much, many people still struggle to meet that. Luckily, you can make exercise into a lifestyle by incorporating activity-based habits that keep you active. Below are creative and unexpected ways you can sneak in some exercise without specifically carving out gym time.

1. Participate in your community.

Join community or neighborhood events for a different take on fitness. You can get your face time in with the neighbors, involve your family, build stronger ties to your community and get exercise at the same time! Research shows strong community ties contribute to longevity. You’ll be getting two benefits in one with this activity!

2. Turn your commute into an experience.

Take your bike through a more scenic route, even though it might be longer. Make it your relaxation time. If you’re driving to work, park further away from the entrance so you can walk a bit longer. It may seem inconvenient and like not much, but it all adds up over time.

3. Join a beginner sports team or start a sports tradition with your family.

Doing exercises at the gym isn’t very fun. Playtime with your family or friends is, however. Take up badminton, soccer or just throw a frisbee around in the backyard. Make it a weekly activity with your family or friends.

4. Take up an outdoor activity like foraging, bird watching or nature drawing.

Challenge yourself to new places to complete the activity, sneaking in exercise on the way. It’s a novel activity, allowing you to explore new pockets of your community while staying active and creative.

5. Turn date night into active time.

Make one date a month with your partner to do an outdoor activity like rafting or cross-country skiing together. You can also opt for a gallery hopping tour or exploration of a museum. The extra steps and activity will allow you to skip sitting at the gym for an hour.

6. Take your latte to go when catching up with a friend.

Catch up while you walk around and sip your coffee instead of sitting in a cafe. You can also turn your work meetings into walking excursions instead of sitting in a stuffy conference room.

7. Keep exercise equipment by the TV.

Binge-watching the latest Netflix releases? Pick up some weights or resistance bands and do some workout moves while watching. There’s no reason to stay sedentary while you’re watching TV in your living room.

8. Alternate with your yard or house workers.

Got a housekeeper to maintain your home during the week? Give them a week off so you can do it yourself every other week. The same thing goes for your lawn maintenance. Take care of your own chores and alternate with the people you hired. You’ll save money and you’ll get the exercise you need.

Whether you're looking for ways to sneak in more exercise at work or at home, there are little things you can do to make your life a bit more active. #fitnesstips #health #exercise

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