You Can Have Naturally Shiny, Beautiful Nails WITHOUT Polish!

I got a chance to try the Emjoi Micro-Pedi a few weeks ago and was super impressed by the results. My fashion week and travel-battered feet received a smoothing treatment that rivals even best nail spa visits. I’m serious; the La Prairie St.Regis Nail Spa services should consider using this thing. It would make the expensive pedicure even more worth it to get regularly!

This time around, I got the opportunity to try the new Emjoi Micro-Mani. I was hesitant at first because I don’t like showing my bare nails in pictures. Sounds similar to my first Emjoi experience where I didn’t think I’d ever post pictures of my feet, and then it happened. My nails have gotten a beating due to gel polish and offensive removal tactics. The scraping off of polish and an acetone soak leaves nails weak, dull and peeling.

My dilemma: when I don’t wear gel polish, I tend to pick at my nails and regular polish, making it chip very quickly. When I received this tool in the mail, I immediately tried it on one nail. It completely smoothed all ridges and snags out and buffed the nail surface to an impeccable shine. That smoothness made me less neurotic about the state of my nails and reduced my picking and biting addiction! You know how there’s sometimes skepticism in the before/after product shots? I had the same reaction until I saw the before/after of my nails in front of my eyes. The “after” shot is no joke- it actually looks that shiny in real life!


I would’ve never thought that buffing my nails this way would break my bad nail habits. I tried all kinds of things in the past- including those nasty tasting nail polishes and vinegar dips. All it took was making sure my nails feel good. Easy.

The tool comes with two attachments: one rougher buffing block type surface, and the other completely smooth shining attachment. Use the coarser attachment to make the surface completely even and flat and then use the shining attachment to polish the nails to perfection. I actually now prefer traditional nail polish to gel because it goes on streak free, smooth and adheres extremely well!

So, while I received the tool in the mail as a sample, my giddy excitement for it is very, very real. I’m actually planning on buying it for my mom for her upcoming birthday (my mom doesn’t read my blog, thankfully, so she has no way of knowing)!


  • Affordable (at-home manicures are easier and last longer as a result of ultra-smooth nails, so I actually saved by doing nails at home with this)
  • Does what it promises
  • Travel-ready design


  • The attachments are a bit too bulky, would be great if they were cone-shaped and narrower to get the edges of nails better
  • Replacement attachments are a bit expensive

Nataliya Ogle


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