Be an Artist: Color Your World With Your Spring 2016 Accessories

Even if you’re still unsure of your stance on the eternal question of whether fashion is art, spring ’16 fashion accessories coming undeniably close to being masterpieces.

Dr. Martens (1) get a makeover with Renaissance artist Biagio D’Antonio’s “Triumph of Camillus” while Bailey hats (2) get colorful treatments and fun prints. The floral multi-colored Dolce & Gabbana earrings (3) continue the Italian inspired motif that the Dr. Martens spark off.

Monochrome helps break up the explosion of spring flowers and colors we’ve seen on the runways. A plain black floppy brimmed Brooklyn Hat Co hat (4) pairs well with the black and white paint drip Dr. Martens satchel (5) and a tough-performing G-Shock watch (6).

The watch also walked down the runways at Nicholas K alongside dusty desert tones, so pick a color the suits you. A navy Hellessy fringe dress (7) can be elevated or perfectly casual alongside the practical accessories.

Those floral prints we talked about earlier drip like a Dali painting in another artful Dr. Martens installment (8). Pair them with a colorful FW15 carry-over, Stella Jean pom pom necklace (11), a plain white Johanna Ortiz button-down dress (10),  and cap it all off with a high-crown Kangol cap (9). Experiment and be colorful! Art is all about the fun and experimentation of it. Save your moody all-black outfits for Mondays.

Nataliya Ogle


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