TREND ALERT: Gloss in Your Eyebrows?

How to get glossy eyebrows

Is this one of those trends that came into the spotlight because of Instagram make up gurus, or does it stand a chance of becoming mainstream? For now, it appears that the latter holds true.

Eyebrows are the real deal

Be it the feathery eyebrows or dark tattooed brows. Our generation is entirely comfortable changing up this face-framing feature. We’ve seen pencil stroke thin eyebrows from the Victorian Era. Lately, we embraced unmaintained bushy unibrows and eyebrows that would make Frida Kahlo proud. Every season sees something new from the makeup artists.

Fashion trends come in waves, and the beauty world is no different. This season, we’re harkening back to the 2000s. We see everything from shiny lip glosses to perms – however, there is something that we did not have in the 2000s — the glossy eyebrows. Even though the term is self-explanatory, read on to get the deets.

What are glossy eyebrows?

The glossy eyebrow is a recent trend we saw at backstage at many shows during the Spring 2020 fashion month. It required makeup artists to elevate the overall glow of the face they were working on.

Get the glossy eyebrow look is a three-step process:

Brush your eyebrows upwards, so they look denser.
Use a light brow pencil to outline of the shape of your eyebrow and now fill it up using strokes upward. Make sure not to go overboard with the filling because it looks unnatural.
As the last step, use a high-end, good quality lip gloss which almost looks like serum and apply it on your brows using a clean mascara wand. Repeat the upward stroke motion to cover the brow in gloss.
Applying gloss to your eyebrows energizes your whole look, changing your demeanor and making you look younger. It’s a fresh take on a quick no-makeup makeup look that brings a downtown chic model vibe.

Was Kim’s Wet Met Gala Look an inspiration?

We can’t say for sure if it was Kim Kardashian’s wet look that almost broke the beauty internet. But it sure seems the entrepreneur inspired beauty gurus into creating this very different yet interesting beauty trend.

As always, have fun with the trends and always remember to remove your makeup at the end of the day!

Photo by Linh Ha on Unsplash

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