DIY YOUR OWN Body Wrap Experience

DIY your own body wrap with these recipes

Body wraps were all the rage a couple of years ago, promising as many as 10 inches lost a session. While this is all typically water weight, celebrities still swear by the body treatment before red carpet experiences. The negative? Body wraps typically cost a lot at a spa. As much as $200 at some high-end ones! The good thing is you can recreate the experience at home by following a spa procedure!

Hydration is essential in this experience, so make sure to drink plenty of fluids, whether it’s water or herbal tea. Avoid diuretics like soda and coffee if you can. The wrap’s purpose is to make you sweat, so don’t completely dehydrate your body or you’ll defeat the purpose of smoothening and hydrating your skin.

Things To Note

– Make sure your skin is completely clean and clear of any products. Rinse off if necessary with a quick shower.
– This is all about the heat. Warm all tools, ingredients and towels before the wrap. You can measure the water to make sure it’s around 180 degrees C.
– Sit next to a heat source, like a space heater, while you have the wrap on.
– For herbal wraps, after unwrapping avoid taking a shower until next day if possible so you can get the continual effects of the ingredients.

For all the wraps below, grab a cotton or linen flat sheet and cut it into 3-inch wide strips. You’ll also need a large pot of boiling water and a plastic sheet or saran wrap.

Relaxation Wrap

Not only does this tighten and hydrate your skin, but the valerian and lavender act as natural relaxants.

– 1 cup chopped chamomile flower
– 1 cup grated valerian root
– 1 cup crushed lavender

Place all the herbs in the pot of boiling water and simmer for 5 minutes. Remove from heat and let stand for 10 minutes. Remove the herbs with a strainer and then place the cotton strips inside the pot. Let them sit and get completely soaked for 5 minutes. With tongs, take them out one by one, wring out excess water and start wrapping your torso. When completely wrapped, use saran wrap to wrap around the cotton. Use the rest of the sheets to wrap your thighs and legs. Put on a cotton robe and relax!

You can keep the wrap for as long as you want. Once you’re done, throw the strips in the wash for next time.

Seaweed Wrap

Seaweed is a humectant, helping draw moisture from the air and keeping skin supple. It’s full of minerals and antioxidants, which have plenty of anti-aging properties.

-8 ounces dried or powder seaweed and mixed with water to make a paste or 3 ounces fresh seaweed (kelp)
-Saran wrap

This wrap is best done in a bathtub. Rub the seaweed mixture on your skin and immediately wrap with the plastic wrap. Continue with the rest of the body. Wipe off any excess, put on a robe, and get cozy! You can sit in the wrap for up to an hour. After you’re done, unwrap and wash off.

Can’t commit to a full DIY? There are body wraps you can buy.

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