Get Out of Your Head and GAIN CONFIDENCE

Gain confidence and lose self doubt with these tips

Tips to get out of a self-doubt spiral.

Gaining confidence is easier said than done, and we all suffer from bouts of self-doubt throughout our life. I’ve gone through my share of doubting my abilities and suffering from impostor-syndrome. It’s only in my 30s did I actually grasp the confidence needed to pursue my goals. When I was in my 20s reading about all the women praising the confidence gained in their 30s, I could’ve sworn they were having a laugh. Well, they weren’t.

If you’re stuck in a spiral of self-doubt and low confidence, the following tricks helped me out in my journey to self-assuredness.

CBT Your Way Out

This is a way to gain awareness of what’s making you anxious in the first place. Most of your thoughts fly by so quickly that you don’t get a chance to recognize what sparks off a negative feeling fully. If you find your mood shifting, take a moment to acknowledge what set off the shift in the first place. If a sense of self-doubt sets in, ask why. What happened to set it off? Examine your thought and determine whether you’re making something negative out of a neutral situation.

The key to this is never to stop practicing this self-awareness. Give yourself a reality check now and again to catch yourself in the negative spiral.

Return to Your Values

Having strong values means being sure of your decisions and knowing the path you’re taking. When you believe in your values, it’s less likely you’ll second guess yourself. Don’t be afraid to pave your own way.

Gain Independence to Gain Confidence

The only way to gain confidence is to gain independence. Being sure in yourself means you’re not relying on anyone else to tell you yes and give you approval when you’ve done something. When you stop looking for approval, you’ll stand stronger in yourself.

Photo by Houcine Ncib on Unsplash