13 Surprising Beauty Tips You Need to Know

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Working in beauty and fashion means I’m always exposed to the newest beauty tips and tricks in the biz. Some of them are ho-hum, and you can find them in every beauty magazine. Others aren’t something you’ll typically run across unless you’re a true McGuyver. 

The following are 13 of the more innovative beauty tips I’ve found on my journey.

  1. Models and doesn’t artists are known to concoct a potent face mask consisting of aspirin and honey. The salicylic acid in the aspirin sloughs away dead skin cells and unblocks pores while the honey soothes and softens. Dreamy!
  2. Caffeine products work wonders on puffy eyes and on slimming the body. Caffeine, being a diuretic, will suck out all excess fluids and reduce puffiness. If you want a defined jaw, you can rub a caffeine-rich cellulite cream along the entire jawline. The effect doesn’t last long, but it’s a great temporary fix for an event or an evening out.
  3. Large pores? If you’re out of products, soak some gauze in soy milk and apply it as a mask an hour before bed.
  4. Gold jewelry brings warmth to a face, so if you’re looking to brighten up, wear some gold earrings.
  5. Not everyone can afford Kylie’s doctors, so create the illusion of plump lips with makeup. Use a brown pencil or eyeshadow right under your lower lip. Blend well and set with a little translucent powder — the small shadow results in the illusion of a fuller pout. It’s contour for your lips.
  6. Want more pigmented lipstick or gloss? Scrape in some bright blush or eyeshadow into your formulas. Set the lips with blush for extra staying power.
  7. Extra bright lips? Keep your eyes neutral and fluff out your brows with some face powder to neutralize the contrast. All attention on your lips!
  8. Warm cream & oil-based products with your fingers before applying them to your face. Warming these products to body temperature allows them to glide on smoother for easier application.
  9. To give your smoky eye an extra boost, use a liquid liner first and then layer on dark powder shadow with a short ‘smudge’ brush. Brush on a color eyeshadow before blending in darker smoky hues on top.
  10. Want darker lipstick? Mix a dark eyeliner with your current lips shade and blend. It also makes the color last longer!
  11. Wait for your moisturizer to set before applying the foundation! Waiting at least 10 minutes for your face moisturizer to absorb will let the foundation glide on smoothly and last longer.
  12. If you’re anticipating the need for quick touch-ups during the day but don’t want to bring your whole makeup arsenal with you, cotton balls can be your best friend! Saturate a cotton ball in your face powder, bronzer, or blush and use it as a quick tool for touch-ups. They’re lighter to carry and can be stored in little zip-lock bags.
  13. Self-confidence is the best beauty booster. Let every girl (and guy) in your life know that! Yes, this might be a cop-out of a beauty tip, but everyone needs it on their list.

And if you want more innovative tips, check out the article for some of the most ingenious hair techniques!

Working in beauty and fashion means I'm always exposed to the newest beauty tips and tricks in the biz. These 13 are some of the most innovative! #beautytips #diybeauty #skincare #backstagetips

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