Fashion Blogger’s San Diego: Great Spots for Photos

My husband has been consistently going to San Diego consistently for about half a year now. By consistently, I mean every three weeks or so. I always want to go with him, but something always stands in the way (most of the time, it’s work events and obligations). I finally decided to make the time and wound up in SD with him a week and a half ago. Even though I spent most of the week working in the hotel, I still managed to explore a lot of the city and take plenty of photos.

The beauty of blogging full time is I can take it anywhere in the world with me. So: laptop, check; charger, check; phone, check; tripod, camera, extra batteries, cute outfits, check, check, check, check!

Lots of checks. I forgive you if you skipped over that last sentence.


We stayed at the U.S. Grant in downtown San Diego. It’s in the Gaslamp Quarter, which means it’s near a LOT of restaurants, bars, and music venues. If you’re into going out, there’s also plenty of clubbing in the area. I can’t really comment on that since I’m more of a chill night in/out type of girl.

The hotel is enormous and so gorgeous. I spent about 30 minutes walking around and exploring its side rooms and hallways. There’s a great hallway full of windows (picture below) which makes for a great photo spot!

The main lobby is opulent and plush, so if you’re into getting some old world charm into your photos, this is the perfect place to do it.

Photo Ops:

  1. Scripps Pier is still a solid choice for an amazing sunset photo. The colors are breathtaking, and the surrounding area, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, provides some fantastic elevation for the horizon shots. It’s one of more iconic places to photograph. If you’re a budding photographer, I’d suggest arriving a little early to set up a good spot and test out your settings before the sun starts setting. For your #ootd shots, try doing the shots under the pier itself. When the sun starts setting, the tide comes in so if you’re planning on doing shots under the pier, make sure you have someone up on top to hold your shoes.
  2. My first post on San Diego featured Sunset Hills as a locale. The beautiful, carved out cliffs look really laid back, and if you’re strolling through mid-day, it’s virtually empty! I had a blast taking photos here.
  3. Cactus Garden in Balboa Park was another destination for an #ootd shoot. No trip to California is complete until you have some shots of cactus. The park is also home to the San Diego Zoo and a number of other amazing spots, so it’s worth dedicating two days to walk around and explore! Check out the Cultural Center in the park for some amazing murals.
  4. Speaking of San Diego Zoo, there’s a sister safari park a 30-minute drive north. If you’re into wildlife photography, this is a good opportunity to flex your nature photography muscle!
  5. Finally, no trip to San Diego is complete without a stop at the Hotel del Coronado. The historic hotel was home to many fabulous photoshoots, including iconic shots of Marilyn Monroe. So, obviously, it’s good enough for shots of you. Explore the surrounding beach area and the expansive hallways. The main lobby features beautiful wood paneling.

San Diego Guide for the Fashion Blogger: Best Photo Op Spots San Diego Guide for the Fashion Blogger: Best Photo Op Spots San Diego Guide for the Fashion Blogger: Best Photo Op Spots


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