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What was your earliest piece of clothing that you still find absolutely trendy, fashion-forward and a staple in your closet? Something that you may have had for years going onto decades and you still reach for? Mine is this Junya Watanabe for Commes des Garcons top that my mom got me on my 18th birthday. Forgive the lack of c-cedilla over there in the “boys section”, but I’m in no mood to find the character type-kit at the moment.

I’m so incredibly proud of my mom for pushing her (and my) fashion boundaries and making sure I have access to unique and avant-garde pieces. I’m not from a rich family- not even close to lower middle class. We were always solidly in the poor zone ever since we immigrated to the US. So for her to save up money from her housekeeping jobs and scout out one-of-a-kind designer pieces (on sale) for my gifts was such a kind thing to do.

When she gave me this top, I remember thinking that this was a forever piece. It was something that I can frame within the context of my closet, and something that I would pass down to my kids as a historic piece. I now realize my love of avant-garde is solidly passed down through my mom. She always encouraged me to stand out and be different, which probably makes sense why I tend to stay away from the likes of H&M now that I’m older. I still scout second-hand stores and auctions for pieces that are typically hard to find. In fact, a dress from the same Commes des Garcons collection, with the same collar, can be found here in case you’d like to splurge. Knowing how much my mom paid for my top totally reinforces the fact that these unique pieces are an investment, the value of which appreciate over time.


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Comme des Garcons NYC blogger street style

Comme des Garcons NYC blogger street style Comme des Garcons NYC blogger street style

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