Dear Instagram Husbands: Thanks for Being Awesome

Dear, lovely, fashion blogger friends:

Watched the “get help” ad for Instagram Husband today over coffee. With my Instagram husband eating cereal next to me. Can totally relate. While I still love my tripod and haven’t crossed over to the food color coordination dark side, I’ve started asking my husband to take pictures of me lately.

One, it massively cuts down the time I spend taking photos. Two, it’s a lot less weird to have someone take a picture of you in public than taking self-timed DSLR “selfies.” And three, I’m not as fearful that someone will snatch my camera running by while I’m posing in front of it. Totally a legitimate fear. Weird? Not weird? I don’t care.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, I highly suggest you take a peek at their feed at Hilarity ensues. Also, WATCH THE VIDEO! It’s funny because it’s true.


PS. Talked with some girls from NYC Style Collective about the video. Everyone is in agreement this stuff is on point.