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YOUR PERFECT Yoga Session Playlist

Your Perfect Yoga Session Playlist

If you’re anything like me, the actual atmosphere of a yoga room may provide the relaxation you need before you even start your routine. While building your yoga corner, consider extra care when putting together your playlist. You can turn on youtube for the instructions, and depending on the video, either keep the voice instruction or mute it while you play your custom list.

While yoga can be practiced anywhere, having your own little sanctuary devoted explicitly to the practice of relaxation will align your body and mind. And music plays a significant role in that relaxation. According to research published by the University of Oslo, “Music may influence central physiological variables like blood pressure, heart rate, respiration, EEG measurements, body temperature, and galvanic skin response. Music influences immune and endocrine function.”

Accessorize the space with intention, bringing in soft lighting, incense, and scented candles that will set a relaxing yet energizing mood for your routine. Make sure your space has soft and inviting accents in muted colors. If you’re near a window, consider getting organic drapes set and some soft cushions or pillows to place around.

Once you’re ready to sink into a routine full of good beats and relaxation, check out the playlist here.

Photo by Dane Wetton on Unsplash

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