Top 2017 Fashion Trends I’m Looking Forward To

I feel like we’ve talked about spring 2017 fashion trends for months now. I think it’s because we have, thanks to little something called fashion “week.”

As we near spring, I think the fashion trends talk is worth a revisit. The shops now have most of the spring essentials in stock. Which means wee can make wiser choices on what we want to snag before the trends fully hit the mass market.

Top Spring 2017 Fashion Trends

1. Athletic with a fashionable twist. Athleisure looks a lot more tailored this season.

Spring 2017 fashion trends: Athletic

2. Military jackets. These were actually a trend for fall 2016, but they’re edging their way into spring. Expect to see a lot more of them.

Spring 2017 fashion trends: Military Jackets

3. Stripes! The brighter the lines are, the better! Look for popping tones and varied sizes.

Spring 2017 fashion trends: Stripes

4. Many floral prints. It makes sense; it’s spring after all.

Spring 2017 fashion trends: Florals

5. Bralettes and flesh tones. Don’t be afraid to bare it. Tops are shrinking. Bras are the new shirts.

Spring 2017 fashion trends: Bralettes & Nudes

6. Slogan shirts. Yep, they’re back. Expect to see clothes that have a lot to say.

Spring 2017 fashion trends: Slogan Shirts

7. Grunge it up. Time to bring out the edgy rocker vibes, rocker-chic is back.

Spring 2017 fashion trends: Grunge

8. Bright popping hues. Most notably: yellow.

Spring 2017 fashion trends: Bright Hues

Have you started buying any items that specifically touch on any of these trends (knowingly or unknowingly)?

Nataliya Ogle


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