OOTD: A Sequin and a Pinecone Meet in a Forest

I don’t know how well you know me, but, I like sequins. So, now, even if you didn’t know me very well before, you have my entire life story. We’re practically best friends.

I had a lot more sequins in my life when I was younger. Blah, blah, blah, life, growing up, career-woman, oh-so-serious-now, and here we are with significantly less sequins in my closet. I didn’t know when I started this paragraph that this was actually going to be a sad story. I’m sorry, my new best friend. We’re about to change that.

I’m discovering some pretty awesome sequin-laden items, including masterful pieces by Ashish (obvs.) and a slew of pretty things courtesy of Discount Universe. I predict a lot of sparkle in your future.

Sequin-Dress-OOTD-Style-Tomes-4 Sequin-Dress-OOTD-Style-Tomes-2 Sequin-Dress-OOTD-Style-Tomes-8 Sequin-Dress-OOTD-Style-Tomes-7


Nataliya Ogle


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