Why You Should Learn How To Knit + Win a Kit!

About two weeks ago I received a knitting kit from the company Wool and The Gang. The UK-based operation provides a fun, eco-friendly way to learn knitting with pieces that are infinitely customizable and fashion-forward. Not a bad deal, considering they also have knitting parties all over the US and UK where you can pick up extra skills and meet new people. You know how keen I am to learn new skills, so naturally I had to try this out.


I’ve attempted knitting before, all to no avail. I would get through a row and then become infinitely confused about “What do next?” It was the bane of my existence, and my last knitting kit wound up in the depths of a storage closet somewhere far away from me – AKA, our upstate house. Initially, as I tried tackling this clutch that I chose from Wool and the Gang, I cursed myself for picking something so complicated. Why didn’t I just choose a necklace or something small and simple!? I turned on old re-runs of X-Files on Hulu since I imagined the series is long enough that by the time it was done I’d know how to knit a square. 10 minutes into the show, and I was well on my way to a clutch!


Now, the tension (look at me, using knitting lingo over here like a pro), was a little whacky, and I need more practice getting things nice and even. BUT, I did it! I have a clutch! I learned how to knit!! Best part, I did it all in ONE EVENING. Pardon all the yelly caps, but they’re necessary.

Why do you care?? Because you can have a knitting project kit too! I made a clutch, but I have an extra necklace kit to give away, so enter below and get ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Make sure to follow along on Instagram and check out the project posts! I also want to see your creations.


Nataliya Ogle


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