Day 5 of London Fashion Week AW15: Everything You Need to Know & Own

While I appreciate the McQ Alexander McQueen aesthetic, I found the collection to be a bit underwhelming. There are plenty of staples to choose from, but nothing leaves a mark, save for those excellent knit sweaters with the silver overlay! And that sweater-dress with, again, silver bottom!
Joseph is my dream come true. It makes me starry-eyed and fulfills all obligations of enveloping my body and shielding it from cruel NYC weather in swaths of delightful fabrics. I can see myself cocooned in the taupes and nudes, looking slightly formless but feeling beyond cool. Not to mention, no heels required to look fabulous in these.
Ladies of the night, rejoice, Ashish loves you! What started off raunchy, turned downright unbelievable as the details and the glimmer of the clothes grew progressively more fantastic. What seems to be a plain parka shimmers as you walk! The culottes got an awesome update with a fur trim, and that striped silver sweater is to die for- pictures don’t do it justice! Everything looks like liquid walking down the runway. While I’ll skip on the fur patched pants, the sweaters are on point.
Ryan Lo put up a pretty surreal set, with remarkably dreamy clothes to boot! The fur trimmed dresses looked like they were slowly floating back and forth as the models walked. And you know how I don’t like lace? I actually really didn’t mind it here. That’s a legitimately big accomplishment. The lacy numbers looked high end. Meanwhile, the all white ensemble outerwear looked like pure clouds!
It might be just me, but I find the head to toe knits a la H by Hakaan Yildirim all white top-skirt ensemble extremely endearing. Also loving the interspersed menswear tailoring with very body hugging feminine pieces. The outside corset boned zip-back top is my fave here, not to mention the extreme sparkle produced by the embellished details. Also, that windswept hat-scarf concoction begs to be in several editorials!
One way to feel like a queen? Combine gilded brocade with luscious velvet, which is what Emilio de la Morena did. The collection offers a lot more sheer looks (and insets) than my mind can swallow, but if you’re more daring, this one’s all yours! I do like the velvet column dress, with a seductive thigh high split. The gilded coats at the beginning of the show also offer plenty of luxury without looking obnoxious.
If you’re shy about prints, Tata Naka might not be for you. I’ve grown to love mixing and matching patterns, however, and this collection does it well enough that you might find it endearing too. The 3/4 length sleeve coat, with the body in a light blue, black, pink and gold Chinese dragon pattern gets some exceptional contrast from the black and white feather print sleeves and lining.
I love the at sea motif Christopher Raeburn sent out, and not just because of the calming color palette. The outerwear was jam packed with excellent pieces ranging from duffel coats to puffer jackets. An asymmetric take on the poncho is a hit for me.
Marques Almeida went a bit wild this season, and I totally love it. The frayed edges of the asymmetrical hems of the second look make the ensemble look unfussy and easygoing despite the alarming red. The denim here was kind of a big deal, cut up and frayed then reassembled. Not my thing, but it was still interesting. I fell in love with all the deconstruction.
Cute patchwork aside, Michael van der Ham gave me plenty of sweaters to choose from this season. Yeah, there’s panels of chiffon rippling through the top and wrapping around one of the shoulders. Sweaters don’t get much love or excitement, and usually it’s just a play of silhouette and the typical shiny embellishments. I enjoy norm sweaters and unusual overlays!
Anya Hindmarch‘s intelligent statement accessories weren’t as cute for me this year. Maybe it’s because I don’t drive? Living in NYC forces you to forget road signs. I found a few statements endearing, like “Queues likely” and “Slow Down” on a few minaudieres. Those adorable tree air-freshener bag tags were another added touch I appreciated, not to mention the always fabulous bag shapes.
While I thought Ashley Williams offered rather cheeky designs with a punk spirit, I didn’t find I could imagine myself in any of the clothes save for a few fuzzy coats.
The psychedelic colors at Saloni are a little party for my eyes! The 3D effect of the floor-length dress is nuts and guaranteed to give passersby’s a headache if they stare too long, and I love it dearly for that. The other prints and looks in the collection are a bit tamer though still visually striking. Especially appreciated: the purple fringe coat over all white ensemble.
The delicate netting at Phoebe English fit wonderfully with the heavier layers. The ethereal gray ensemble, while not entirely appropriate to wear out, looked superbly dreamy.
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