Rebalance Your Damaged Hair and Scalp With These 7 Tips

I’ve been messing with my hair a lot lately. It’s not out of frustration; rather it’s because of love for experimentation. It’s currently a light silver-pastel-blue shade. I do my color and root touch-up bleaching, which means that I’m extra obsessive about hair care to ensure I don’t mess it up so bad it all breaks off.

I’ve described my many ways I take care of my mane. One of these includes skipping the shampoo for prolonged periods of time. Since my hair is fine, my roots get very oily quickly, while my ends stay dry. I sometimes use dry shampoo, but my hair ultimately deflates mid-day anyway. So, I went on a fiery rampage managing multi-hydrated strands: Oily roots, an OK but frizzy middle, and some dry ends.

I did a lot of reading, and it turns out I have and “unbalanced scalp and hair.” No kidding! If you’re as unbalanced, or as colorful, as I am, you might want to try a few of these out.

1. Condition from mid-length down to roots, leave the conditioner on for a bit and then shampoo only scalp. Use shampoo every other day. Choose a gentle, balancing formula like the Dessange Paris Purifying Clay Balancing Shampoo.

2. Use a rinse made of witch hazel and water on your scalp weekly, prior to shampooing.

3. Like a witch hazel scalp rinse, get in the habit of applying moisturizing oils on the ends and leaving on for a longer time prior to shampooing.

4. Get in the habit of using a deep- conditioner once a week. Go all the way up to the roots this time and cover your hair with a shower cap. Leave on for as long as you can. Rinse off without shampooing.

5. Try a hair mask. Green clay is extremely useful in balancing strands and scalp. Just like with skin, clay sucks up the gunk and toxins and leaves strands shiny and voluminous. A good option to try is the Dessange Paris Purifying Pre-Shampoo Mask* I tried this past weekend. The brush is great for dividing and conquering; the scent is faint, and the texture is akin to whipped flan. It leaves the scalp smelling amazing, and my fine hair has extra volume!

6. Like I said earlier, use dry shampoo on the roots if you can’t stand the oiliness close to the scalp! My best results came from using Biosilk Volumizing Therapy Powder. It comes with a shaker tip, leaves my hair a bit wiry, but gives me TONS of volume and soaks up a lot of the greasiness. At the same time, use a bit of leave-in conditioner on the ends.

7. Finally, trusty apple cider vinegar is an excellent way to refresh and balance your hair, leaving them super shiny! After conditioning, do a final rinse with apple cider and water in 1:4 parts.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary Dessange Paris Mask & Shampoo. There was no agreement for any in-depth review, but I wanted to include the product here since it worked for me and I use it as part of my hair care routine.

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