Before You Buy: Peace Out Acne Healing Dots Review

peace out acne dots review

Product: Peace Out Acne Healing Dots
Price: $19
Where to Buy: Sephora

Using It:

Make sure the skin is clean before applying it to the area. Cleanse thoroughly and don’t apply any creams, oils, or treatments before applying the dots. Place the dot sticky side down on the pimple, and continue with your regular routine, avoiding the area with the dot. Leave it on for a minimum of six hours and ideally overnight.

Peace Out Acne Healing Dots Review:

I used the acne dots on a number of different blemishes and after attempting to pop pimples on their own. I know I shouldn’t be doing this, but sometimes it’s inevitable. The best results came out fo placing the dot over an “open” blemish, like right after popping a pimple. After thoroughly disinfecting the area and placing the dot over the spot, I woke up to zero redness and an almost completely drained blemish! Yep, aside from a small mark, the zit was completely gone. In its place was a nasty white-filled “dot” that absorbed all the oil and extra liquid from the wound.

Placing the dots over closed up pimples was a much slower process. Depending on the type of zit, it would take any time from overnight to several days for the zit to go away. My biggest culprit is hormonal acne, and these bad boys do an amazing job of reducing those monthly blemishes on my chin. The biggest culprit of this acne is the after-effects. It can take up to two weeks sometimes for the blemish to completely go away! With acne dots, it takes a few days tops.

There’s also immediate satisfaction in seeing all the gunk directly on the dot, which was sucked out overnight. I say overnight because that’s the best time to use it. You can choose to wear it in the daytime, but you’ll be too tempted to pull it off as soon as the white spots start forming on the dot.

I wouldn’t expect big results if you have a cystic bump or you don’t have a head to the pimple. The primary acting agent in this product is the colloidal bandage, which works by sucking up liquids. If the zit isn’t open or close to being open in any way, it will simply sit on the surface of the skin without penetrating, although the dots do deliver a healthy dose of salicylic acid. If the pimple is open in any capacity or at a head, the dots will absolutely flatten it overnight.

The biggest gripe about the product? It costs roughly a dollar per dot, making it a little pricy if you’re suffering from more severe breakouts. It’s not guaranteed one treatment will be enough, so sometimes one pimple can cost up to $3-$4 to completely disappear.

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Notable Ingredients

  • Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A) should not be used when exposed to sunlight. Ensure that your skin is properly covered with sunscreen if you’re using this product.
  • The colloidal bandage absorbs any pus, blood, and other bodily liquids from the skin. It’s often used in medical settings, placed over burns and other wounds to speed up healing.
  • The acne dots contain salicylic acid to reduce pimples and prevent new ones from forming. It’s not the best product for sensitive skin, but since the dots are small, so it shouldn’t be a big concern.

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I used the acne dots on a number of different blemishes and after attempting to pop pimples on their own. Read the full @peaceoutskin Acne Healing Dots review! #peaceoutacne #skincare #beautytips

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Peace Out Acne Healing Dots Review
  • Packaging/Design
  • Ease of Use
  • Affordability
  • Effectiveness
  • Value
The Good

Super cute packaging!

Easy to use instructions

Very effective against certain types of acne

Provides redness relief

The Bad

A bit pricy at $1 per dot

Not effective for all types of acne

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