I’m Going To Try Holographic Makeup! These Hologram Products Can Get You Started on The Trend

I’ve been on a beauty bender lately, especially when it comes to what’s trending! Holographic makeup is the current flavor of the month, so like a fly to a pile of…there must be a better analogy. Like a bear to a honeycomb (there), I’m on it!

If you haven’t heard yet, Riri’s launching a Fenty beauty line, which will offer up some sweet, sweet holographic makeup in shape of a lipstick! Speaking of holo-lips, I’ve seen more brands jump on the bandwagon and release opalescent shades that would put a pearl to shame. (I’m looking at you, pearl!)

I’ll be going through some top picks that everyone is freaking out over right now and that you can buy ASAP and slick yourself with! Also, you can enter to WIN some holographic goodies through my partnership with PocketLIVE.tv. As you know, I do a weekly makeup series live, and this upcoming Thursday at 4 PM EST, I’ll be showing you how to DIY holographic nails. In addition, at 4:45 PM, we’re announcing the winner of the following contest! So enter away!

I'm Going To Try Holographic Makeup! These Hologram Products Can Get You Started on The Trend

Holographic Makeup Picks

All of those lippies above beat Riri to the punch (sorry, Ri, you’re still fierce though). I’m personally obsessed with the glosses and really want to try the Milk one!

If you’d rather hold off on purchasing yet another lip color, Erik Soto applied the Kat Von D Alchemist Palette colors over his lips to achieve the oil-slicked shimmery glow! So, that’s another option if you’re already setting your lip colors with powder and want your highlighter to double as your lip toner.


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Lip Picks

Get a Full Glow

Holo Makeup Inspiration from Insta-stars

The biggest tip I can give for this trend is to check out some fabulously talented makeup artists and see how they’re applying the trend. You might not want to go out in public with a full on holo-face, but you can probably try rocking a super thin strip of holographic “eyeliner” that you apply with some lash glue!


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How To DIY Holographic Nails

A SUPER easy way to rock this trend is on your nails! I’ve been seeing a lot of chicks wear the holo-nail on Instagram, and it’s something you can do at home. I showed you how to DIY your mirrored nails with a few staples from Amazon (or your fave beauty supply store). The same concept applies here except you’ll be getting hologram powder in lieu of the mirrored finish.

How To:

1. Apply a layer of either clear topcoat, or your favorite gel polish (if you apply a color, the holographic powder will have a tinge of the color underneath it).
2. Cure the color or base coat.
3. Reapply a second layer and cure under lamp (30sec-1min, depending on your lamp).
4. (This is where it’s a little different) Apply the no-wipe topcoat and cure for a few seconds.
5. With the sponge applicator, apply the powder to the nails. To make it really holographic and not glittery, make sure to rub the powder in well and rub off excess.
6. Apply the no-wipe topcoat and cure under LED lamp 30seconds-1min.
7. Repeat the holo powder application and topcoat for denser holographic color.


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