Changes to Style Tomes: The Amazing Things You Can Get Out of It

My lovelies: this is coming a little bit late, I know. You’ve probably noticed the changes to Style Tomes that are taking place. You might even already be accustomed to the new articles the blog now has to offer in the fashion blogosphere.

I received SO MUCH amazing and supportive feedback regarding the recent switches, which pumps me up to give you even more actionable content that helps you grow your blog! While I’ll be focusing on fashion blogging specifically, the in-depth tips and marketing techniques can be applied to any online business and blog. I’m just excited to share all the fundamentals of growing a large audience and monetizing your passion!

To give you a bit of background on why I started switching things up and focusing on helping you grow: I’m an idealist. More specifically, I want the industry to grow to the best of its ability and I want hard work to be rewarded! That totally means YOUR hard work AND my hard work.

 I’ve gone through a lot of ups-and-downs in the span of this blog’s growth. The ups were the small victories that monetized my blog and allowed me to focus on it as a full-time business. The downs were related to the fact that because the industry is so new, a lot of the fashion blogger’s work is taken for granted or assumed to be free. I am absolutely in love with the idea of free content, but it’s not sustainable to provide quality, free content while wondering how to pay the hosting/cable/electricity bill next.

I want you to know how to grow and MAKE MONEY so you can keep providing great content. If you and I don’t make money, we simply CANNOT talk about amazing products, latest fashion and hottest destinations in our full-flourished capacity.

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We’re too busy racking out brains on how to get a few pennies from shopping links or how to get some recognition. So our roles of being amazing editorial curators and writers fall by the wayside, and out blog’s content suffers as we try to put up anything and everything to move our business forward. Yeah, I know, boo. 🙁

So, the changes take root in my belief that providing adequate education to content creators and young entrepreneurs (YOU) will allow the industry to thrive overall and provide more incredible opportunities for the people who are passionate about blogging!

To be successful, you need to be open to learning and to putting what you learned in action. Super important, you guys. Monika from VioletRoots actually mentioned that “blogging is about constantly learning” in a comment to 6 Biggest Blogging Tips article and I couldn’t agree more.

Try to internalize what you read and figure out how it fits into your blog’s growth. That led me to the creation of the resource library! I’m all for note-taking and listening to successful people talk about proven methods of success, but unless I get a worksheet or an actionable item, I find it extremely hard to put what I learned into practice. I totally learn through doing (which makes sense why all these changes are taking place now- because I’ve had years of actionable strategies on Style Tomes)!

The newsletter series is brand spankin’ new and improved. I’ve been getting messages about how helpful the emails are so, once again, super pumped to send out more exclusives through there! When I started off, I used to do a recycle of the week’s content and shoot off a simple RSS feed. I can’t believe I subjected my poor subscribers to such torture. 🙁 Sorry guys.

Anyway, totally reinvented the newsletters to provide actual value in addition to the blog posts. A lot of the content builds on the articles and goes into in-depth techniques. The rest is all new ideas and concepts that I’m simply excited to share!

All these changes will also force me to scale back on the number of sponsorships I accept per month. While in the past, I tried to take as much as I could handle, I find that these marketing opportunities put an enormous strain on my time. I love working with various sponsors, but I decided to be a lot more selective to focus on providing you guys with quality content!

Super excited about where all of this is headed, and I’m thrilled that you guys are here with me for these new changes! 🙂 Couldn’t have learned so much without you by my side. Here’s to many more years of growth together!

Let me know what articles you want to see on the website!! I want to address everything you might want to know about blogging. 🙂
Nataliya Ogle


Nataliya Ogle likes making sure others live to their full potential. She publishes articles on her primary website and works as a freelance writer for other women's interest sites. Her physical body is in New York but her presence can almost always be found online. The internet is her first love.


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