San Diego Fashion: An Easy Breezy OOTD for The Sunshine & The Sea

I’ve never been to San Diego, so I can’t really proclaim myself an expert on San Diego fashion. However, I can definitely bring a bit of NYC to a palm-filled, sunny destination and interpret what the destination means for me and my wardrobe. I’ve never lived in a seasonless spot, and even though my husband and I were looking for a place near Sacramento just a few years ago, I never fully internalized what it might be like to live without winter’s chill. It would definitely free up my closet for a lot of sundresses!

In my brief intro to San Diego, I managed to walk a solid 11 miles and get a sunburn. Yes, I applied sunscreen. Apparently, I underestimated how much I was walking that day and how long I was in the sun. I blame it on being distracted by photography.

Anyway, now day two and cloudy, and I’m holing myself up in the hotel room to work all day. My body is sore, my shoulders and upper back are red, and I’m kind of perfectly content to just listen to music and wallow in all the pain.

FYI: The dress I’m wearing is See by Chloe, but I can’t find it anywhere anymore, so I’m including similar styles.




Nataliya Ogle


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