NYFW FW16 Spotlight: Moncler Grenoble

Let’s say you’ve signed up for a mountain climb expedition. You need some Moncler gear to keep you warm. Let’s say your RSVPed to the Moncler Grenoble NYFW Fall 2016 show. You better be all clad in several layers of Moncler or expect frostbite. I teetered on the edge of frostbite. Thankfully, Moncler provided cups of hot cocoa to the waiting crowd.

The show was a spectacular production, complete with blue ski-outfit suited choreographed dancers. Bill Cunningham was right at home (he arrived early). A thumping beat reverberated through New York Fashion Week’s former venue: Lincoln Center. All along the plaza’s perimeter, showgoers huddled and seethed through their teeth as bone-chilling winds wooshed through. Many started to stomp their feet to the beat the dancers followed in order to keep warm.

As the dancers wound down the routine (which, while amazing to watch, seemed all too long in the frigid temperature), the models marched in from the Lincoln Center Philarmonic building. One by one, with a stiff, almost toy-soldier manner they made their way to the center and lined up along the arc of the fountain in rows.

The rope barriers lifted and all the showgoers immediately made their way to the center where the models were freezing- I mean, standing. The clothes were beyond impressive. Ski bunnies rejoice! The get-ups looked like they were ready for the most fabulous St. Moritz getaway. The fuzzy wedge boots looked as fabulous as they were practical. A tightly fastened waterproof layer emerged underneath the boots, wrapping around calves to not only keep snow out but to keep the feet warm.

As I made my way around admiring (what I’m imagining) my next apres-ski outfit, the models started to sashay out and back into the warmth. The event was cut short due to the intense weather. As an avid skier, I’m a bit disappointed I didn’t get to see every single outfit up close and personal, but I was extremely relieved to go back inside.

Moral of the story: To love fashion is to be resilient. Or maybe it’s that more people should have Moncler as their winter wardrobe. Buy more Moncler.

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