Best of The Runway NYFW FW15: Day 7

Anna Sui

Gigi Hadid opened up the show to a fun-fun-funky soundtrack. Why did everyone look so sad though? Can’t be the clothes. They were pretty on point with the Anna Sui tribe, she’s the original Free People empire. In a very Viking meet Woodstock-inspired spirit, the clothes bore plenty of folk prints layered under shearling vests and colorful ponchos. And oh the peasant shirts! They’ll put your psychedelic weed loving hippie neighbor’s closet to shame. Wait, but there was even a ski/mountain hiking outfit! Like, a hippie ski outfit for maybe the warmer days because it didn’t look very well insulated. Now that I think of it, the final looks were like a Bohemian Valhalla.


Guys, Josep Font is FIERCE. He makes me wonder what would happen if you enlisted more architects in fashion design. My mind can’t comprehend such grandiosity (unless I see it with my own eyes..hint.)

Michael Kors

Full disclosure: I’m really not into monogrammed Michael Kors bags. You know the ones. Everyone and their baby has one. That aside, I am absolutely in love with Michael Kors’ design aesthetic. Every single piece speaks to me (except that lime green paisley print one Malaika Firth was wearing, the one with sleeve ruffles- that one didn’t say a word to me). It’s rare that a designer rolls out a collection where every single piece is a masterpiece. Kors excel at creating clothes that are practically flawless. Here’s the deal: he knows how to dress a woman and make her look uber (German, not car service) polished and put together
Nataliya Ogle


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