Planning a Successful Photoshoot: Is It The Photographer or the Model?

I’ve been both the photographer and the model for the longest time in my photos for this blog, so planning a successful photoshoot has been a breeze for me. I’m just a one-man team, so I get to control every single aspect of what comes out as a final product!

This setup, in my opinion, is one of the easiest ways to produce great images on the fly with little to no planning. I know that this isn’t an option for every blogger out there, though, so I want to address the question of how to get stunning photos when you’re working with a new (or multiple) photographers. When there are more people involved, the photoshoot tends to run longer and become a bit more complicated to plan.

The Real Secret of A Successful Photograph

A lot of bloggers assume that great photos are purely the work of great photographers and that if they simply had access to a good photographer, their social media and blog traffic would skyrocket. Yes, having great images is important, but it’s a mistake to assume it’s the photographer who will deliver a stunning photograph.

Photoshoots are a 50-50 endeavor! You can’t solely rely on the photographer to give you an image that’s frame-worthy. You, as a blogger and model, need to put the work in as well! This goes the other way around too, naturally.

So here’s the deal, when you’re taking your #ootd shots, be aware of what things might look like on camera. Conceptualize the images in your head so you know what poses you want to strike and what mood you’d like to impart. When planning a photoshoot, one of the most important parts is developing the storyline/feel for the photos. It should be your first step when approaching a photoshoot.

Practice some poses on your own before setting out on a photoshoot. Set up your camera and tripod, and try out several different angles to see what they look like on camera to familiarize yourself. Be aware of the camera’s position, whether it’s angled up at you, level or a slightly downward angle. All of these positions will impact how your pose looks.

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Also, familiarize yourself with the flow of your clothing and how the light hits your face. Don’t be afraid to move around as the photographer takes the photos. Pretend you’re Kate Moss. Get ’em, tiger!


My Process

I don’t let many people shoot me, just from the sheer fact that I’m somewhat of a control freak a lot of the time. But, once in a while, I find that PERFECT relationship with a photographer. It’s when both people are willing to experiment and try new things in order to get a cool shot!

In this case, it’s Andrea from PrettyProperQuaint. There’s a trust that I’ve developed for her and she developed for me. I’m not afraid to move around awkwardly, and she’s not afraid to test weird angles. That’s what you should aim for with your photographer! It’s part patience and part experimentation. Not every shot will be perfect.But in a reel of 50, if you have one stunning shot, it’s an immense success!

Planning a Successful Photoshoot as a Blogger Planning a Successful Photoshoot as a Blogger Planning a Successful Photoshoot as a Blogger

Let me know what you struggle with when taking photos or what you want to improve on!

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