When Your Skin Needs Extra Hydration: Lindi Skincare Review

Just like clothes change seasons, so do my beauty products. Spring and summer get the light, gel-formula moisturizers and quick absorbency serums. Fall and winter seasons converts my medicine cabinet into a repository of thick creams and extra-moisturizing fare. I take my skincare seriously! I grew up in a household of Eastern European women- we know a thing or two about being obsessive about our skin-care routines.

I recently got an excellent opportunity to try out an extra-moisturizing set of products courtesy of Lindi Skin. Just in time, considering weather’s magic switch flipped from warm to cold and windy in a matter of days. My skin is “normal” and sensitive. I have my oilier spots around the T-zone, depending on the weather, but for the most part, I tend to be a bit on the dry side. Having a formula that’s deeply penetrating and fast-absorbing is essential for me! As soon as my skin gets a little dry, fine lines appear. When hydrated, it’s like the lines never existed.

Lindi Skin products were first created for people who were undergoing cancer treatment. That means the formulas are extra hydrating, and the ingredients are natural and thoroughly tested for efficacy and safety. Skin sensitivity and dryness are the two primary concerns directly addressed by the formulas. I’m a huge fan of the medically based background- it might not be “cute” but its basis is in research and science. It should be a no-brainer that a product that gets absorbed into our skin should be medically backed!

All Lindi Products Are:

Proudly made in the U.S.A. in an FDA compliant facility
Dermatologist & Allergy tested
Paraben Free
Never Tested on Animals
Backed by 30-day 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Products Used: Lindi Face Serum, Lindi Face Wash, Lindi Lip Balm, and Lindi Eye Hydrator

Price at Review: Lindi Face Serum ($40), Lindi Lip Balm ($10), Lindi Face Wash ($22), Lindi Eye Hydrator ($30)

Look Good, Feel Good: Use promo code BLOG25  on Lindi Skin site to receive 25% off your order and get free shipping if you order before December 31, 2015. The company will make a donation to the American Cancer Society’s “Look Good, Feel Better” program for every purchase through the date.

Lindi Face Serum

Pros: Ultra-hydrating formula, efficient packaging, quick-absorbing, smells good.
Cons: Might not be quick absorbing enough for oily skin.
Scent: A light citrus scent reminiscent of grapefruit. It has sweet undertones.
Packaging: A glass 1 fl oz dark-glazed pump dispenser bottle with a clean apothecary shelf feel.
Best For: Sensitive skin, normal skin, dry skin, mature skin.
Key Properties: LSA Complex- botanicals, antioxidants, and vitamins. It contains soybean, avocado, palm, and safflower seed oils. Cyclomethicone, a type of liquid silicone, is primary emollient, which provides the formula with a silky smooth feel and allows the skin to be well coated.

I’ve tried a lot of face serums in my life, and this one is truly the first that I felt comfortable enough applying without having to follow up with a moisturizer! The formula is ultra-smooth with a luxury feel. Two small pumps on fingertips were sufficient to cover my face and neck completely. After spreading a thin layer on my face, the formula was absorbed within 5 minutes, leaving behind extremely supple and soft feeling skin. Like I said, I didn’t bother applying moisturizer because of how it left my skin. I did use a separate moisturizer in the evening with retinol and didn’t notice any interference between two formulas.

My husband has very oily skin and used the same products to test how they are on his skin. Unfortunately, while he liked the feel of the serum, his skin did not absorb the product as quickly. His skin is also sensitive, and neither of us experienced any adverse reactions.

I would purchase the product again, and have already incorporated the serum into my daily routine. While the product is on the pricier side, it is within the realm of luxury products considering the quality of ingredients and the medical backing.

Lindi Face Wash

Pros: Formula cleanses very well and leaves skin clean without a dry, tight feeling. It doesn’t strip natural oils. A very gentle, daily cleanser.
Cons: The scent is hit-or-miss depending on who you are. I didn’t like it, but my husband thought it smells fresh and clean. The formula doesn’t lather up, which might be a disadvantage for some.
Scent: A “clean” scent with a medicinal undertone. The formula contains lavender oil.
Packaging: A clear, plastic 4-oz bottle with a large pump dispenser. Looks clean and minimal.
Best for: All skin types. The gentle formula allows the skin to feel cleansed without stripping away natural oils.
Key Properties: Coco Glucoside, which maintains skin balance without dryness. The formula contains foaming ingredients; that was minimal when I dispensed it.

My biggest surprise using the product was the fact that it didn’t foam up! I didn’t mind. It was kind of akin to Cetaphil, which makes sense because this cleanser’s formulation is for sensitive skin. It didn’t feel at all like it was harsh or stripping any natural oils. The formula was so gentle; I used it twice a day!

My skin normally gets pretty tight after washing it, but this product left my skin feeling clean without that tight and dry feeling. My only qualm is that the face wash isn’t very effective at removing makeup. I only tried using it once with makeup on, and it dissolved it a bit, but my face required multiple washes to get everything off. I paired it with an effective makeup remover to feel fully clean.

Despite the makeup snafu, the cleanser was fabulous! I used Cetaphil a few times in the past but wasn’t a fan despite its gentle formula. Notwithstanding the higher cost of this product, I prefer the Lindi cleanser. Considering gentle cleansing options aren’t that extensive, the product is definitely in my top 5 of cleansers made for sensitive and dry skin. I’m not sure if I would purchase it again. I probably would keep it for the winter months because of its moisturizing properties. In the summer, I’d choose a stronger formula.

Lindi Eye Hydrator

Pros: Extremely hydrating. A little goes a long way, and a small dab can cover most of the face!
Cons: Hard to name any. The only thing that comes close is that it may sit on the skin for a while without absorbing quickly. In dry and cold weather, this is easily a pro.
Scent: Clean and slightly medicinal. It’s very faint.
Packaging: A 0.5oz frosted glass container with white plastic cap looks high end and luxurious.
Best For: Dry skin, mature skin, sensitive skin, skin that needs a bit more TLC.
Key Properties: Vitamins E & C combined with natural plant extracts.

A long time ago, I used to apply Vaseline around the eyes to seal in moisture overnight and to hydrate the area. The eye hydrator gel is like an obscenely improved Vaseline trick that penetrates the skin with nutrients without leaving it slimy all night. The gel formula is silkier than the serum, so a tiny amount coats the area extremely well. In fact, a small dab covered my eye area AND lips.

It’s one of the better eye gels I’ve tried. The formula doesn’t absorb right away, but the fact that it hangs out on the skin for a bit longer is a bonus for me. I use a tiny amount in the morning and a thicker layer before going to bed. I haven’t noticed any skin tone improvements, but I don’t see any little fine lines around the eyes when using this. It’s worth the price!

Lindi Lip Balm

Pros: Hydrating formula with an excellent fragrance!
Cons: Absorbs very quickly and needs to be often reapplied.
Scent: A sweet but not saccharine scent. My husband commented on how good it smells!
Packaging: A .25 fl oz white plastic container similar to many lip balm brands.
Best For: All skin types.
Key Properties: An incredible list of all-natural plant extracts and oils that include castor oil, soybean oil, turmeric root extract, and grape seed extract.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the lid of the small pot of balm was the fabulous scent! The formula is dense and waxy. Consistency is pretty good for getting a fair amount of product on the finger, not too thick and not too soft. I prefer pots of balm to sticks. I love the ingredients list since it contains SO MANY natural plant extracts and oils! It’s like a herbalist’s dream come true.

My only gripe is the cost of the product and how quickly it absorbs. I like my balm to stay on a bit longer and feel a bit slicker, especially when I’m on the ski slopes in the wintertime. This one absorbs quickly. I ended up using the Eye Hydrator on my lips in addition to the balm.

I received Lindi Skin products reviewed above courtesy of the company. No agreement for reviews was made, but I wanted to review the products since this was my first time testing them. My husband and I tested all products for a period of a week and noted down the pros and cons as we went along. All opinions are my own and the company had no say in any of the reviews aside from providing factual information and pricing.

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