Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: A Gift For Every Person

Knowing what gifts to buy for every member of your friends and family circle has got to be the most stressful part of the holiday season for me! I used to gloss over “gift guides” and then opt to simply browse through thousands of gift options myself.

That wasted a lot of my precious time and life- days I can never get back! So don’t be silly like me, use a darn gift guide and make things easier for yourself!

All That Glimmers: For the girl that likes a bit of sparkle in her life.

I’m a sucker for a good sequin number! The bigger the paillettes, the better. Lucky me, because with New Year’s Eve around the corner, stores are rolling out their high shine wares with the same veracity Switzerland is pumping out gold. (Fun Switzerland fact: 1/3rd of their exports is gold.)

The Faux Life: Warmth in the form of many millions of fabric strands.

What’s cute and warm and on my couch? My puppy! If you or your giftee can’t have a puppy though, or you have one and want another, get a furry faux pillow instead! Lucky for me, my puppy loves my faux pillows. I get the double whammy. 

Impossibly Cool: When the man in your life deserves a Ducati but you can only afford a pair of biker boots.

I would love to get my husband or my brother an amazing motor vehicle. But a pair of shoes is so much easier to pick out and order. Plus I’m not a millionaire. Yet.

The Impossibly Stylish Hostess: Her sweet potatoes will always be hotter than your shoes.

While everyone might think a bottle of wine is appropriate, it’s a bit predictable and boring. You don’t want to be predictable. Get her a mortar and pestle! It’s OK, you don’t have to know what it’s for (it’s that little marble cup thing, FYI).[/x_text]

The Beauty Junkie: Because it’s insane to go to bed without removing makeup.

Also make sure to apply a sleeping mask. And get the satin pillow out. And use the eye cream. Don’t forget the serum first. Oh, and a retinol formula.

Nataliya Ogle


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