Valentine’s Day Gifts for Yourself

I’ve been feeling so anxious lately about the fact that I haven’t been updating my Instagram! I also haven’t had the chance I usually do to read through a slew of blogs and get my latest dose of news and updates from some of my favorite bloggers. I’m crossing my fingers that nobody gets upset about the fact that I haven’t been interacting lately. I’m trying hard to fit everything in without reaching the point of panic.

It’s always harder when there’s no routine, and lately, I haven’t had any routine. There have been a lot of new things that I needed to adapt to and work into my schedule. I’m still sitting in the midst of boxes. Turns out we have to move all our actual furniture to our upstate home because the new apartment comes furnished with no workaround option. So, I’ll be doing two moves in the midst of fashion week.

Speaking of fashion week, Valentine’s Day is going to be busier than usual this year. I feel lucky to be covering several shows backstage this year, especially Jenny Packham (I got married in one of her gowns!), but that leaves my poor husband alone all day. While I haven’t invited much romance and girliness into my week before Valentine’s Day, I’ve been excited to spice up our new apartment ( we’re STILL waiting for board approval) with some cute decor items.

I’m really looking forward to making my living space a bit girlier. I’ve always done the dark and rustic look, especially because of my husband, and I’m really looking forward to having a bit more of a feminine space. I actually made a ridiculously long wishlist of things that I’ll be slowly checking off once we finally move. Sorry, Josh, it’s time for some pink.