Get Millie Bobby Brown’s Lady In Red Look

The stunner recently partnered up with Pandora, making her not only the Eggo spokesperson but a fashion icon to boot. So naturally, she donned her fall best in red on a recent trip to London. If you’re not up for spending that much on her outfit, grab similar lower-cost options when it comes to the…

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Before You Buy: GLEEM Toothbrush Review

See what the reviews are before you buy a GLEEM toothrbush

Ever since interior design shows began dominating the Netflix suggestions queue, I’ve been scouring the internet for pretty accessories for the house. Luckily, this toothbrush is fit enough for a whole Instagram photoshoot.

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11 Healthy Ways to Cut Your Thanksgiving Meal Calories

It’s easy to make excuses on Thanksgiving and lay off nutritious choices when a sweet potato and a chocolate chip pecan pie pop up in front of you. Unfortunately, that’s a somewhat fatalistic and black/white thinking tactic. I think it’s perfectly fine choosing to indulge a little bit and having fun with food. I also…

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The 8 Most Coveted Beauty Advent Calendars

Best beauty advent calendars in 2019

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas with a passion this year or taking it easy because it’s not something you grew up with, you can still, without a doubt, enjoy these advent calendars. All of them package up best-selling beauty products at a great discount, so you can enjoy the products throughout December no matter if you…

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How to make your own DIY homemade nutrition bars with nuts

No one will argue that homemade food is best for you. Unfortunately, we all don’t always have the time or energy to whip up a delicious and nutritious breakfast, post-workout snack, or just something to satisfy the sweet tooth at the end of a long day. Yes, you can buy ready-made energy bars, but they’re…

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CONSIDER THIS Before Moving for Love

In the past 100 years, we went from riding buggies to flying jet-planes and even making trips to space. People used to spend months crossing the Atlantic to reach the land of opportunity. Now we can board a plane while it’s snowing and wake up in a tropical vacation destination. Traveling and moving became easier…

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