Winter Travel: A Romantic Cabin Retreat in the Heart of the Mountains & A New Perspective

The day to day in New York City can get very hectic and busy. I’m used to an extremely fast pace of life, so much so that I’ve heard tourists wonder where I’m in “such a rush to” as I’ve passed by them on the streets. Usually, it’s really nowhere (i.e., I’m out in the park taking my dog or a walk). My days of the 9-5 are long gone, and my schedule largely hinges on my balance of home-making life vs. work from home life. But living in the city acclimated me to rushing through life at a roadrunner’s pace. I always found it very grounding getting out of the city for a brief trip into an area that has a more ‘stop and smell the roses’ approach.

In this case, I made my way up to Lake Placid Lodge. I’ve been upstate New York plenty of times, but not like this. This was a true getaway experience, complete with a lake-front cabin and a wood-burning fireplace. While there’s still internet, the rooms don’t offer TVs. Additionally, you have an option of relinquishing all your electronics at the front desk for their safekeeping and your pure enjoyment of nature without the distraction of technology. I made a pact to only use my phone for pictures (like an addict that I am, letting go of my phone completely is a bit unfathomable at the moment).

Photo: Gary Hall Photography // Lake Placid Lodge

Going to sleep with a crackling fireplace and waking up to a snowy view of the mountains and the lake is a storybook quality image, and the cabin delivered on the idea spot on. So here’s the deal: I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions, I tend to tackle things when it’s convenient for me, not when it’s convenient for the calendar, BUT the time of year really inspired me to slow down and open my eyes to the possibility of living differently. You may have noticed that the past several weeks have been lacking in updates. Although, of course, I still made use of Instagram! Despite the drawl of the holiday season, I worked out several exciting ideas for Style Tomes which will unfurl over the coming months. Get ready for some feel good shopping that will help your closet and your altruistic resume!

Nataliya Ogle


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